The ‘L’ Word


Love. Love. Love.

You hear it everywhere. You see it on cards, billboards, and hear it in music and media everyday. Love, to me, represents more than a happy feeling given shape – it’s the final link in a bond between friends, family and your partner. For this reason I choose very carefully who I forge that final link with. Once this link is forged it cannot be easily broken, and doing so can bring emotional pain that can physically harm.

As experience teaches, it’s easy to pick the wrong ones to form a bond with – pets and friends are temporary. Family doesn’t always have your best interests at heart. Partners may not be the people you thought they were, or change as time goes on.

To me, this little L word is power – to bring you happiness or create your nightmare.

For a long time since I met Marissa I’ve always felt that little pull at my lips – the want to say this to her, but was always held back. Life has taught me to not be so quick to trust or love. But as time went on I couldn’t shake that word that always danced at the tip of my tongue as we said our goodbyes, said our small goodnights and laughed into the night. Each time I wanted to utter it I held myself back. “No, it’s not the moment. Give it time. Remember how this ends for you.” So I did. I avoided it. I told myself that this relationship was still in the trial and needed to be worked – like iron on an anvil. We’ve had our problems and we still have our problems – this is human. No couple can always be happy all the time. We’re all human and we’re all flawed.

The day I said it to her it all kind of slipped on me. It couldn’t be contained any longer, forced out in a rush of emotion because once again she’d come through for me when nobody else wanted to, or even acknowledged my issues. To say the least I felt like I had been freed. Like it was the moment and time that this was supposed to happen. I shouldn’t have been surprised to know she’d say it back to me. I’d thought she would be nervous or shaking or think that it was all moving too fast. So there it is. I’ve forged the link.

Can this bond remain strong throughout the coming years? Can we strengthen it?

I hope so. I believe in this.

Read about Marissa’s reaction!


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