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The Proposal

I realize that this probably should have been posted a very long time ago, way before I posted all the wedding stuff, haha! I didn’t have the video myself though, and I kept getting caught up in a lot of other stuff. So I kept forgetting… But nonetheless, here is how John proposed to me!

Two Stars Become One (Mar 10th – Mar 20th)

So I remember John saying that January was the most anticipated visit… But I have to say his visit in March was something I was even MORE excited for then our Christmas together. This visit topped them all and most likely will top even our future visits, because the happiness I felt when I walked … Continue reading Two Stars Become One (Mar 10th – Mar 20th) »

Marrying My Knight In Shining Armor

See what I did there? Hahaha! With a last name like that, how can I not tease him sometimes!? It’s funny because when John and I first started talking on Skype and he told me what his last name was, I joked to myself in my head; “Hah, my knight in shining armor.” Little did … Continue reading Marrying My Knight In Shining Armor »

The Knight’s Wedding!

John and I were married on March 12th, 2016! The same day as our 1st year anniversary. What better way to spend an anniversary, right? 😀 It was honestly the happiest day of my life. I finally became one with my true best friend and the love of my life. He is my forever love … Continue reading The Knight’s Wedding! »

A Month In Review; February (Wedding Planning)

So the month of February was pretty hectic. Or at least it felt like it was. There was a lot of wedding planning to get done, which thankfully my mother helped me with. First off, John’s birthday was on February 3rd and I had wanted to try and make it as special as I could! … Continue reading A Month In Review; February (Wedding Planning) »