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A Month In Review – June

So June was an alright month I suppose, haha. It started off a bit rough though. John and I were butting heads quite a bit for the first I’d say… Week and a half of June? But I guess that happens sometimes with just about any relationship. Of course we worked everything out, so nothing … Continue reading A Month In Review – June »

A Month In Review – April

So this will probably be a short post because, well… Nothing really all that interesting happened in April. The month started off with us discovering a literal one letter error on John’s State ID. Instead of “Johnathon” they had wrote “Johnathan”! I couldn’t believe it. We immediately told him he needs to get it fixed … Continue reading A Month In Review – April »

A Month In Review; February (Wedding Planning)

So the month of February was pretty hectic. Or at least it felt like it was. There was a lot of wedding planning to get done, which thankfully my mother helped me with. First off, John’s birthday was on February 3rd and I had wanted to try and make it as special as I could! … Continue reading A Month In Review; February (Wedding Planning) »

A Month In Review; January

I know January was quite a while ago now, haha. I had meant to write this post at the beginning of February, but it’s been pretty busy so far and I sort of got caught up in a few other posts. But today I finally have some free time. January was a pretty big month … Continue reading A Month In Review; January »

2015 – The Unexpected

You may be wondering why I called 2015 the unexpected year for me. Well, that’s simply because a LOT of unexpected things happened! When the new year began, I had already decided that I was no longer happy in the current relationship I had.  When the year of 2015 started, I already knew that things … Continue reading 2015 – The Unexpected »

Tiny Mail Kit Review

Written on October 8, 2015 So I am sure that a few of you know that I had received my FREE Tiny Mail Kit from Leafcutter Designs a few days ago in the mail! This was all thanks as well to LDR Blogs and LDR Magazine. I have been very excited about doing a review on it. … Continue reading Tiny Mail Kit Review »