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When Does It Get Easier?

When I joined the LDR community and started blogging, I quickly learned that this was a very popular question. I have been asked it a few times, as well as my friends who are also in LDR’s. I have also seen it asked among many of the other bloggers I follow as well. I feel … Continue reading When Does It Get Easier? »

A Month In Review – June

So June was an alright month I suppose, haha. It started off a bit rough though. John and I were butting heads quite a bit for the first I’d say… Week and a half of June? But I guess that happens sometimes with just about any relationship. Of course we worked everything out, so nothing … Continue reading A Month In Review – June »

Can Social Media Affect Your Relationship?

As you all know, I blog about my relationship. My two main platforms are my website and my Instagram, which I use to also post to Tumblr, Twitter & Facebook! Pretty handy, I must say. Do you blog about your relationship as well? If you do, great! I honestly think it is one of the … Continue reading Can Social Media Affect Your Relationship? »

Monthly Goals – May 2016

Unfortunately, I missed doing my monthly goals for April… March was very busy and even after John left, we were still figuring out a bunch of things that we had to do for the sponsorship progress, so it kind of slipped my mind! I did make a list of 3 goals for the month of … Continue reading Monthly Goals – May 2016 »

Two Stars Become One (Mar 10th – Mar 20th)

So I remember John saying that January was the most anticipated visit… But I have to say his visit in March was something I was even MORE excited for then our Christmas together. This visit topped them all and most likely will top even our future visits, because the happiness I felt when I walked … Continue reading Two Stars Become One (Mar 10th – Mar 20th) »

10 Misconceptions About LDR’s

For some reason, a lot of people tend to look down on those of us who are in a long distance relationship. Well, my question to them is, why? Do you mean to tell me that if your SO who currently lives with you or at least lives in the same town, came and told … Continue reading 10 Misconceptions About LDR’s »

Monthly Goals – March 2016

So February is finally over and March is finally here! It’s time to go over my 3 goals that I set for February. (Uh oh!) Haha. Let’s see if I did a good job or not. My monthly 3 goals for February were; Have everything planned and ready to go for our wedding in March! … Continue reading Monthly Goals – March 2016 »

Why Do I Blog?

Before I had met John, blogging was not even something that ever crossed my mind. After all, what did I even have to blog about? All I did in my spare time was play video games for the most part. I did read some books, but I would have never started a book blog because, … Continue reading Why Do I Blog? »

Packing List!

Printable list at bottom of post! If you are like me, then you like to leave packing until the night before you leave. Maybe even until the day of, depending on when you’re leaving! If I know I am leaving early in the morning, I like to pack the night before, that way I can … Continue reading Packing List! »

Fun With Movies

Being in a Long Distance Relationship means that you greatly depend on the internet for your entertainment. No matter what it may be; Playing games, reading together, voice calling, video calling, watching movies or random things on YouTube. Watching movies is probably the second, if not first, most popular activity for LDR couples to do … Continue reading Fun With Movies »