Marissa’s POV

     I think I will enjoy writing this. I love reliving the moments that I have shared with John and they will always be cherished. 

    March 5th. The day was finally here! And although it started off as just any regular work day, I knew that it would be different. Because that night I wouldn’t be going back home and sleeping by myself. Nope. I would instead be wrapped up in John’s arms, finally. So needless to say I was pretty ecstatic that morning, regardless of how tired I may have been.

    I had already packed my suitcase the night before, that way my mom could just pick me up right from work and off to the airport we would go! -insert long boring description of Reception work here- Finally 5pm hit, my mom arrived and I rushed out the door. With only half an hour to spare, we actually ended up stopping off at home momentarily so I could eat. And then we were off.

   This was my first time traveling on my own. As I walked through the doors, I felt pretty nervous. But I knew where to go and how to get through everything, so getting to my gate was pretty easy! I remember scrambling around, trying to find an outlet that worked so I could charge my phone (it’s battery life is an epic failure). Finally, a guy who I guess noticed this, offered to let me use his portable charger, yay!

Fast Forward to Chicago Airport

   Safely landed in Chicago! There wasn’t really anything notable here. Except for the toilets. >_>



   Yes. I took a picture of the toilet. I have never seen one like this and thought it was pretty cool, having the bag thing on it already. But then I thought, “How the hell do you change the bag?”. I really didn’t think there was a point to having the bag on there if you couldn’t change it…

Oh, and our plane to Memphis got delayed by 45 minutes due to someone filling out papers wrong about the plane. Hooray.

Fast Forward again to Memphis Airport

   I cannot express how freaking excited I was when landing in Memphis. The plane couldn’t land fast enough. And when it finally pulled up to the gate, I couldn’t get off the plane fast enough. Like seriously… NOTHING MOVED FAST ENOUGH. And don’t even get me started on the length of time I had to THEN wait for a taxi. It’s like the whole world had a mission that night, which was to cause me to have to wait longer to meet John. Really, world? So here I am, 45 minutes later, FINALLY getting into a taxi. I had to share it with another guy. And guess who got dropped off first. Yep, that’s right. The other guy. thimpatience

    Fiiiiiinally, the taxi driver is on his way to pick up John! He didn’t exactly know where to go and neither did I, obviously. But I did recognize John’s apartment complex (because Google Maps ftw) and we pulled in and waited for him. I can’t describe the feeling that I felt when I spotted him walking towards the taxi. In the sweater that he wears in many of the pictures he had sent me. It’s like my brain just couldn’t grasp the fact that I was ACTUALLY there and that he was ACTUALLY about to get into the taxi with me. Ever get that feeling? It’s so weird! When he finally did hop in, I was so happy. Even more so when he had given me a big unexpected hug. But at the same time, this is also where my nerves finally kicked in. I was nervous. Heck, I couldn’t even make eye contact with him! Prior to visiting, John had made me aware that anyone else he had met usually just ended up being awkward. So I was really hoping to make a good impression…

    Oh, did I mention that I didn’t even get to his place to pick him up until practically 1:15am? If that isn’t being fashionably late then I don’t know what is.

   By the time we got to the hotel, I could tell that my nerves were definitely getting the better of me because my hands were shaking. Which, unfortunately, John eventually noticed while we were laying in bed using my laptop. “Whoa, why are your hands shaking so much?” At this point he had totally backed off, expressing the fact that he wanted me to let him know if he was making me uncomfortable. “Oh… My hands just like, do that sometimes, I don’t know.” Was my lame answer. But I guess it did the trick and eased his mind, because he moved right back close beside me. Thank God.Imnotnervousatall_zps0f7a4a38


    Not too long after that, we decided to turn in for the night. It was pretty damn late after all… I turned off my laptop, put it on the floor and got myself comfortable, pulling the covers over me. He had already gotten comfortable, respecting my space and staying on his side. I honestly wanted him to be closer and cuddle with me, but I refused to say anything because I wasn’t sure if he felt the same way. And the last thing I wanted to do was to make things awkward. During all this time, the room was completely silent and as I was laying there with my eyes closed, I could feel that he was looking at me. So of course I opened mine and we both laughed when our eyes met. I was about to ask him what was wrong, but then he simply just smiled and spread out his arms saying; “Come here.” And I did just that. I hoped he couldn’t hear my racing heartbeat, I was so happy to finally be embraced in his arms. And even then, I closed my eyes again, not wanting to do anything that might make things awkward. (I’m so paranoid). Needless to say it was entirely unexpected when I then felt his lips brush over mine before he then kissed me. The only way I can describe that feeling? It felt magical. All my nerves seemed to calm down and it suddenly just felt so natural to be laying there with him. 

And so begins day 1


   Waking up and seeing him there beside me was probably the best thing ever. He even woke up at the same time I did! -cue the usual morning routine- Shower, brush teeth, get changed and then out the door we went. The hotel I stayed at was near the Memphis University, so we did a bit of walking around the campus before heading to his apartment. Along the way he mentioned that he would like to go to the Memphis Zoo with me. Which was absolutely fantastic because I had planned on telling him I wanted to go there!

    We soon arrived to his apartment and he quickly showed me around. I actually liked it. It was the perfect size and felt homey.

    Honestly, the first day we didn’t do too much other then going for a walk, playing some video games and watching Big Hero 6. It was just a nice relaxing day together… I really enjoyed it. We even cooked dinner that night together. Well… More like I cooked it. Johnny helped though of course. He paces a lot when he has nothing to do so I got him to cut all the chicken and tomatoes for me. 😛 I don’t know why but I found it funny to watch him do that. 

Day 2 – Off to the Zoo!


Picture I took of the Memphis Zoo entrance

Picture I took of the Memphis Zoo entrance

   And day 2 was the day we were off to the Zoo! Whooooooo~ (Shh, I like going to the zoo okay? >_>;) When we arrived there I was feeling super thirsty. So we stopped off at the Cafe inside and got some water and I also watched as he stuffed his face with a taco as it fell apart on him. LOL.

    It was really nice to walk around the Zoo with him. He wanted me to stop often and take pictures, which I looove doing. We went on the little train ride around the farm animals. xD Had some ice cream and just really enjoyed each others company. Here’s some of the pictures!


    And pretty much that sums up day 2. Which leads us to…

The last day… 🙁

    We really didn’t get time to do anything on the last day. My flight departed at 2:45pm that day which meant I had to leave by 12:30pm at the very latest. We had gone back to my hotel to sleep there and when I woke up in the morning I was pretty sad. Me and John had connected amazingly and I really wished I didn’t have to leave. I don’t think I have ever felt as upset as I did when I had to watch him leaving… Yes I admit I started crying after he was gone, haha. I couldn’t help it! I even called him while waiting for the taxi because I just needed to hear his voice again. I really hated leaving, but we did agree to see each other again for Easter, which was only 1 month away. So that at least helped me feel a little better.

On the bright side, this time I discovered how to change the bag on the Chicago toilets! LOL.

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