John’s POV

   Long posts full of thoughts and feelings aren’t my forte, so I present to you a bullet-style breakdown of one of the strangest and most rewarding relationships I have ever been in!

  • September; I am homeless and feeling alone, this is a long story.
  • To help myself remain sane I came to Gaia and stumbled on a roleplay, hoping that the interaction would lift my spirit.
  • After establishing myself among the other roleplayers, I noticed that there was always one person that never paid attention to me. Pandora. A girl with a bubbly personality and a cute picture in her profile. At this point I heard a voice in the back of my head, “check her out. something special about this.” But she’s from Canada so I immediately dismiss it.
  • About this time in my life my long time friend that had become single, so I attempted to pursue something with her. More or less one can figure out how this turns out in the end.
  • Now the part we’re all waiting for; over the course of a dozen or so skype chats, I got to interact with “Pandora” and find out that she was quite the adorable person. I couldn’t help but play mean pranks on her, because when I see something cute I always like to poke it with a stick before trying to hug it.
  • Fast-forward a month and her and I are actually talking outside of the group-skype chats, and I’m honestly enjoying it. She filled a void that I thought couldn’t be filled. The loneliness faded, the darkness receded. But I was still skeptical of any potential in this going more than friends, what with our living in different countries and her not being single. At this point I am used to fighting uphill.
  • Time goes on and I’m in limbo between these two friends of mine, but Pandora – who I now talk to on a first name basis as Marissa – is starting to grow pretty attached to me. And I gotta say that she’d become a part of my life over a short period of time. Guess that is how it works when someone puts in the effort, right?
  • Months go by, feelings grow strong, and it culminates in her asking if we should meet up with her and her best friend. I agree. Plans are arranged.
  • “Thisiswhereitgetsgood.jpg.”
  • One day we’re talking about the trip in May and somehow come to the conclusion that, with the way things are now, why wait that long? She books a flight and comes out here on her birthday. Kind of like a birthday present to herself I suppose. “amIsupposedtopopoutofacake.png?”
  • The day she was going to arrive I was fussing over every detail of my apartment in a way that I never do. I’m pretty sure I could have put any mexican cleaning lady to shame.
  • The time arrives and I am strangely feeling quite happy, elated, to meet her. A total change from the normal feelings of nervousness that I associate with meeting internet strangers. Maybe it’s because she’s Canadian that I assumed she could only kill me with kindness. Or it could be that she was like ten feet smaller than me.
  • Hop in the taxi, see her face, smell her scent, look into her eyes. I don’t even know how or why but without any control of myself I just gave her a huge hug. Like out of instinct. Totally expected her to be confused, but it was all cool. We had a great time during her visit here. I only got us lost in my own city once. C:
  • Decide over the course of a few weeks post her visit that maybe this is the girl I want to give a shot, so I decide to come out and make it official. I don’t know what I was expecting to happen, but here we are. And it’s been a great ride.


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