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Before I had met John, blogging was not even something that ever crossed my mind. After all, what did I even have to blog about? All I did in my spare time was play video games for the most part. I did read some books, but I would have never started a book blog because, […]

So you’ve gotten into a little argument with your SO and you’re probably pretty upset about it. After all, let’s face it, even when you get mad at them, you still love them to pieces! Haha. And being mad at someone who you love to pieces is certainly no fun at all. I know there […]

Sometimes I think people may jump into an LDR thinking; “Hey, this’ll be easy!” They may not think about all the little details that come with being in a long distance relationship. Maybe they think they won’t need to dedicate as much time or as much money to it. Maybe they believe they don’t have […]

Printable list at bottom of post! If you are like me, then you like to leave packing until the night before you leave. Maybe even until the day of, depending on when you’re leaving! If I know I am leaving early in the morning, I like to pack the night before, that way I can […]

It is much easier said then done…    How can one possibly go from being terrified of something, to not really worrying about it anymore? For some, it may be impossible. You see the things that you are afraid of, and it is like your whole body just locks up. That, or you start running […]

In an LDR, coping with the feeling of missing your SO is never easy. It’s not like you can just ring them up, tell them you miss them, and make plans to see them on your next free day off. Nor can you just simply drop by their house to see them. Unfortunately, it is […]

Who would have known that by simply playing a game, you could possibly meet the love of your life? Yeah, not really a likely story, right? Wrong! I, like two of my other friends, leffelovesdestrua & bummyldrcouple, met the love of my life through playing a video game. Now, I don’t entirely know if many […]

For some reason, a lot of people tend to look down on those of us who are in a long distance relationship. Well, my question to them is, why? Do you mean to tell me that if your SO who currently lives with you or at least lives in the same town, came and told […]

As you all know, I blog about my relationship. My two main platforms are my website and my Instagram, which I use to also post to Tumblr, Twitter & Facebook! Pretty handy, I must say. Do you blog about your relationship as well? If you do, great! I honestly think […]

When I joined the LDR community and started blogging, I quickly learned that this was a very popular question. I have been asked it a few times, as well as my friends who are also in LDR’s. I have also seen it asked among many of the other bloggers I follow as well. I feel […]

As November passes and December comes along, you may feel the Holiday cheer as lights go up and Christmas music starts playing over the radio. Christmas is my most favorite time of year and I feel the same joy every year when it comes around. I’m excited about getting to spend quality time with family […]

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     Meaning behind the blog name; My Brightest Star

     Honestly, I really don’t even know when he started talking to me… Not that he even really started talking to me first, it was more like he started internet beating me up. You know the whole *grabs her and suplexes* (Charming, no?) and then I’d be all *kicks him in the jewels* (Because what else would you do?).

I can imagine us sort of being like this;fite     Maybe end of September 2014? That sounds about right, anyways.

     Basically we were part of this big roleplaying group on a site called GaiaOnline. There was a big Skype group made for it, it was pretty insane. Lots of fun. I added quite a few people from the group to my friends list, except for him and a few others that I didn’t talk to much. After a while that’s when he started doing all that stuff I mentioned above. I started thinking like, “Why the heck does this guy like bothering me so much, damnit!?” and so of course after a little while longer I decided to add him because, well… Why not? Only to find out that he liked bothering me because my reactions were great. My thoughts? “Well… Okay buddy, whatever you say!” 

    There was actually a different girl he was interested in at that time. It’s funny how I went from being like “Omg, go for her dude!” to “No, you really shouldn’t. Cause I’m like, so much better for you, duhh.” so quickly after talking to him and getting to know him. Admittedly, I also, at the time, was in a relationship that wasn’t doing well anymore. Needless to say, over the next few months there was a lot of drama. I really wanted to meet John… In February, things seemed as though they were getting a lot tougher on us. We had originally planned to meet in May 2015, but there was just this growing, intense tension on us. So finally, after my other relationship ended, on complete impulse, I booked a flight to see John for my Birthday (March 5)happy2

    Things turned out a lot better then I think we both expected. And as you can see, it definitely blossomed from there. Johnny asked to make us official on March 12, 2015~ ♥