Author: Marissa Knight

A Month In Review – June

So June was an alright month I suppose, haha. It started off a bit rough though. John and I were butting heads quite a bit for the first I’d say… Week and a half of June? But I guess that happens sometimes with just about any relationship. Of course we worked everything out, so nothing … Continue reading A Month In Review – June »

After Wedding Visit! (May 21st – May 24th)

Alright, so I will admit that I have been… Kind of lazy to write out a big summary of our visit that we had back in May, haha! So rather then write out a big summary, I decided to have a bit of fun with it and made it into a video instead.  Having to … Continue reading After Wedding Visit! (May 21st – May 24th) »

Monthly Goals – June 2016

My goals for May consisted of; Sponsorship completion – 100%! – So halfway through the month of May, we decided it would be better to wait until June to print everything out for our sponsorship, since, well… We might have more things to print by then! So this goal sort of got put on hold. … Continue reading Monthly Goals – June 2016 »

Can Social Media Affect Your Relationship?

As you all know, I blog about my relationship. My two main platforms are my website and my Instagram, which I use to also post to Tumblr, Twitter & Facebook! Pretty handy, I must say. Do you blog about your relationship as well? If you do, great! I honestly think it is one of the … Continue reading Can Social Media Affect Your Relationship? »

A Month In Review – April

So this will probably be a short post because, well… Nothing really all that interesting happened in April. The month started off with us discovering a literal one letter error on John’s State ID. Instead of “Johnathon” they had wrote “Johnathan”! I couldn’t believe it. We immediately told him he needs to get it fixed … Continue reading A Month In Review – April »

Monthly Goals – May 2016

Unfortunately, I missed doing my monthly goals for April… March was very busy and even after John left, we were still figuring out a bunch of things that we had to do for the sponsorship progress, so it kind of slipped my mind! I did make a list of 3 goals for the month of … Continue reading Monthly Goals – May 2016 »

Two Stars Become One (Mar 10th – Mar 20th)

So I remember John saying that January was the most anticipated visit… But I have to say his visit in March was something I was even MORE excited for then our Christmas together. This visit topped them all and most likely will top even our future visits, because the happiness I felt when I walked … Continue reading Two Stars Become One (Mar 10th – Mar 20th) »

Marrying My Knight In Shining Armor

See what I did there? Hahaha! With a last name like that, how can I not tease him sometimes!? It’s funny because when John and I first started talking on Skype and he told me what his last name was, I joked to myself in my head; “Hah, my knight in shining armor.” Little did … Continue reading Marrying My Knight In Shining Armor »

My Long Distance Relationship Story

My story began in 2012. I was only 16 at the time so of course I was all into social media, anything and everything. I signed up for a site specifically for young people like myself. When I first made my account, I was only looking for friends, but then I met Kyle. Kyle and … Continue reading My Long Distance Relationship Story »

The Knight’s Wedding!

John and I were married on March 12th, 2016! The same day as our 1st year anniversary. What better way to spend an anniversary, right? 😀 It was honestly the happiest day of my life. I finally became one with my true best friend and the love of my life. He is my forever love … Continue reading The Knight’s Wedding! »