July Cottage Visit! (July 15th – July 27th)

Phew! It has been a long time since I updated any of our visits. Half a year! Oops. 🙁

The months following July had been very busy, but mostly filled with unbearable stress while John and I waited to be able to close the distance. We had finally sent in our application for Sponsorship at the end of June and desperately were trying to find out how long it would take for him to be approved. Things in Memphis for him got pretty tense as well, so that didn’t make anything better.


July was our first visit where we finally were going to go on somewhat of a ‘vacation’ together! It had been planned for a while and we were both really excited about it. My family and us had booked a cottage for the week, something John had never done before. He loved the idea of getting away from the city environment and being out near the lake with everyone.

We had an amazing time together at the cottage with my family, I don’t think there really was ever a bad day. We also had received some progress on our Sponsorship application, saying that I had been approved as a sponsor and that the documents were being sent for John to be reviewed. So that was a pretty big highlight for us. Pokemon GO had also been released during our time there, but because we were pretty much in the middle of nowhere, we didn’t get to play it much, haha. Oh! And there was the most adorable little chipmunk that lived around the cottage! We always sat out on the back deck with peanuts in our hands and he would come right up to us and grab them! I’m hoping we will go to a cottage again next summer. 🙂

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