Monthly Goals – September 2016

My goals for August consisted of;

Try to get more sleep – I am very happy to say that this has finally been happening! I think sometime around the beginning of August, I started trying to get into a routine of relaxing about half hour before I go to bed. For example, reading a book. I also started taking probiotics, which I believe may be helping as well, and going to bed a little earlier. I’ve been sleeping a lot better than before, so something must be working!

Survive without my phone – At the beginning of August when I had to send my phone in for repairs, I was so afraid they were going to give me some kind of poopy flip phone to use in the meantime. Much to my surprise, I actually got a pretty nice android phone! I think it was the Sony Xperia M2 if I remember correctly.

Mail a gift to the hubby! – Definitely did this! I was super excited about it. We actually agreed to exchange gifts since we both hadn’t done so in a while and thought it would be nice. I put together a big care package for him with a bunch of different stuff in it. Things I knew he needed or things I knew he would like. After I sent him that, I told him there was no way he could out do my gift! But I guess I should have known better because he got me a 2.5 gallon tank and a beautiful betta fish! Now he has to deal with my new fish addiction, LOL!

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My goals for the month of September;

Keep up the gym commitment

So as a bonus in August, my mom and I have started going to the gym at least once or twice a week. We’ve been keeping up with it pretty well, unlike all the other times where we eventually just kind of stopped… Haha. So for this month (and longer) I’d like to keep it up!

Post music video of July visit

August went by so darn fast, I still can’t believe I have not posted up a video of John and I’s last visit together! I definitely want to get this done by at least the middle of September.

Decide what to make for our potluck in October!

My bestie and I have planned to have a potluck get together in October while John is visiting for Thanksgiving! I’m really excited about it. John and I will have to decide what we will be making. Well, aside from the delicious looking cookies n’ cream cake… Haha!

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