Monthly Goals – July 2016

My goals for June consisted of;

(Carried over) Apply for sponsorship! – I am very happy to say that we accomplished this! 😀 Even if it wasn’t until the very last day of the month, haha.

Go to the gym at least 2x per week – This has been a major fail, which really disappoints me. I am hoping that after the week John is here I can try to start making this a habit. 

Get new travel mug for work – I did end up buying a new, cute coffee cup for work! I’m quite happy with it and I also have another one on the way that I ordered online. Hopefully it will get here soon!

My goals for the month of July;

Stick to diet during vacation

So usually when I go on vacation, or even just when John is visiting, my diet tends to go off the rails. However, this time I want to try and still stick with it because I know if I keep going off the rails all the time I won’t ever reach my goal. Wish me luck!

Stay within budget!

Another thing we usually end up doing during our vacations/visits together is spending over our budget! Oops! Never so much that we have gone into debt, but it is a little annoying when you owe more then what you wanted all the time. So this time we want to stay within our budget and not spend as much!

Cook a nice dinner together with John

John and I have cooked together, but we have never really tried to cook a nice ‘romantic’ dinner together, haha. If we get time to do this, it’s something I’d really like to try and do while he is here this month. 🙂

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