A Month In Review – June

So June was an alright month I suppose, haha. It started off a bit rough though. John and I were butting heads quite a bit for the first I’d say… Week and a half of June? But I guess that happens sometimes with just about any relationship. Of course we worked everything out, so nothing to worry about!

When June started, we were still waiting on his FBI records to arrive in the mail. We discovered that we were able to call though after 11 weeks and get a status update. Unfortunately, every time we called, they just kept telling us that there was nothing showing yet! So that was pretty frustrating. However, we made one last attempt to call about a week and a half after our 11 weeks was up and they finally told us that it was being processed and gave us a tracking number. This all happened about mid-June. By this time my mother had went on vacation to the Dominican for a week, so we decided to wait until she got back since I didn’t want to apply without her help.

During this week my mother was away, the Steam summer sale had started, something John and I had been looking forward too. He had been trying to convince me to play Borderlands 2 with him, but I was pretty iffy about it. Nonetheless, I agreed to at least try it, so when the summer sale began, he bought it for me as a gift and a copy for himself as well. I also bought myself both Lego Harry Potter games, Lego Worlds and Banished! John also bought me Age of Empires HD.

Unfortunately again, due to John’s working schedule, we didn’t actually get to play a decent amount of Borderlands until like… A week after we bought it, haha. But when we finally did, I absolutely fell in love with it! (No seriously, I have an unhealthy addiction to it now… lol!)

On the third weekend of June I believe, we went to my cousin’s house and I finally got to meet her new golden doodle puppy! She was super cute!

My mom finally got back from vacation on the 20th of June and we found out that was also the day John’s FBI records had finally been mailed out to us! We estimated it to probably take about a week for it to arrive.

On the fourth weekend of June, my bestie came to sleepover! We spent most of our first night catching up since we hadn’t seen each other in a while. The following day we got together with a friend of hers and went to see Central Intelligence, which was awesome, and then went for a buffet dinner at a place called Spoonful! Where I apparently tried duck for the first time because I had no idea it was duck until after I ate it and my besties friend told me it was duck… At least it tasted like chicken, lol.

It was now the last week of June and I was running thin on my patience waiting for the FBI stuff. Finally on June 29th it arrived in the mail! I was almost bouncing in my chair at work when my mother sent me the picture. When I got home that night, we went over the checklist to make sure we had everything we needed, paid the Sponsorship fees and the next day it was mailed out to the office to finally begin the process! SO MUCH EXCITEMENT! But honestly just as much nerves. I really, really hope that our application goes smooth because I need my husband here with me. I love him so much and want to start our life together as soon as we can.

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