Monthly Goals – June 2016

My goals for May consisted of;

Sponsorship completion – 100%! – So halfway through the month of May, we decided it would be better to wait until June to print everything out for our sponsorship, since, well… We might have more things to print by then! So this goal sort of got put on hold. 😛

Meet the rest of John’s family – So John and I had been trying to plan out my visit there to include somehow meeting the rest of his family. Turns out we didn’t need too! The same day I arrived in Memphis, that night his whole family surprised us with a Wedding party! One of his aunts even came from Alabama to meet me while I was there as well. Needless to say this goal was met and it was a lot of fun. I am very happy I got to meet them all!

Post at least one blog topic – Ever since LDRBN shut down, I’ve had a bit less motivation to keep up with writing a lot of blog posts. I did meet this goal though, I am happy to say! Social Media. For now I am going to continue to keep trying to get at least one blog topic out per month.

My goals for the month of June;

(Carried over) Apply for sponsorship!

On June 1st, John went for his Immigration Medical Appointment! He got his results by email about a week later and we are very happy that he is healthy! Once we got that, my mother and I have printed everything out that we need to include with our application. Now the only thing we are waiting for is his FBI Records to arrive in the mail. Once we get that we can finally apply for our sponsorship! We are very much hoping that will be this month.

Go to the gym at least 2x per week

My mother and I have joined a gym! I would never join one by myself, but since her and I have started to try and lose weight, she asked if I would want to join with her. Since I don’t usually do anything on nights that John works (Which is pretty much most week nights) I figured why not! I want to try and at least go 2 times a week.

Get a new travel mug for work

I don’t honestly know what else to put for my third goal… But I have wanted to get a new travel mug to keep at work… LOL. I just have not been able to find one that I like yet. Perhaps I will make a trip to the mall and finally find one. Here’s to hoping!

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