Can Social Media Affect Your Relationship?

As you all know, I blog about my relationship. My two main platforms are my website and my Instagram, which I use to also post to Tumblr, Twitter & Facebook! Pretty handy, I must say. Do you blog about your relationship as well? If you do, great! I honestly think it is one of the best ways to show the world how happy and in love you are. That being said, social media is one of those things that, unfortunately, can either affect a relationship in a good or bad way.

The Good!

You and your partner could share accounts together and post things to each other that you know would either make them laugh, brighten up their day or let them know how much you miss them. It’s always a nice surprise to log in and see that your partner posted something for you to see! It’s also a great way to keep each other updated about things they did that day. Posting to social media, in my opinion, is also a fantastic way to show the world how happy you are together.

It provides a place where both of you can go and look back on all the memories you’ve shared during those times where you may be feeling a little down or missing them.

Using social media can also just be neutral to your relationship, which is probably the case more often than not. This is good as well since in this case, it’s simply just a hobby for the both of you.

The Bad…

Unfortunately, some people may use their social media in a negative way which in turn, will cause tension within their relationship. Sometimes things can also be out of their control as well that will also cause tension.

Whether you have your SO added as a friend on all of your social media or not, it should never be a place where you openly talk about all the problems you have in your relationship or where you post long rants talking about how dumb your SO is because you disagreed with something they said. Never. It’s ok to ask some friends for advice, but other than that, this is something that you should really be discussing with your partner. After all, it’s not the world you have to solve this issue with, it’s your partner. And you should never try to get a bunch of back up just to throw a “Well look at all these people who agree with me that you’re wrong” into your SO’s face. Because, well, that never ends well. And do you really want to humiliate your partner and devalue their opinion? I would hope not.

It’s simple really. Before you post anything to your social media about something you think your SO might not like, ask for their permission. Let them read your post before you put it up for the world to see. This way, they know exactly what’s being posted and can work with you to change anything they may disagree with.

Aside from using social media negatively, it can also cause a fountain of insecurity.

“Why are all these girls liking his pictures?”

“Who are these guys commenting on her statuses, I don’t know any of them.”

“He friended this girl, who is she?”

“Why is he/she messaging these girls/guys that they’ve never told me about?”

I’m sure these are all things that have gone through probably just about anyone’s mind at some point during a relationship. Social media connects you to millions of people around the world. Old friends that you once knew, family, new friends and yes… Even the dreaded ex’s. But just because you see random people commenting on your SO’s stuff, doesn’t mean that they are doing anything wrong. Random comments from people you simply don’t know tend to happen fairly often on social media. Unless there is proof for cause of concern (ex. They are PMing girls/guys and not telling you, they flirt with random commenter’s, being very secret about their social media accounts, hiding you, etc) then all those likes and comments probably mean absolutely nothing.

Personally for me, if you use social media to contact other women/men, you should at least be telling your SO and including them as well. It prevents any spark of jealousy that might happen from your SO not knowing who they are or what you’re discussing with them. Another thing for me, don’t use social media to reconnect with your ex’s. That is just a huge no and should pretty much be common sense. No matter how curious you get, don’t do it. They are out of your life for a reason.

One last thing is, try not to take something such as your SO not liking or commenting on every single one of your posts so hard. If they do, then great! But if they don’t, that doesn’t mean they didn’t see it or ignored it. If it really does bother you, just simply ask if they seen it!


So there you have it! Social media can have positive, negative and even neutral affects on your relationship.

But honestly, as long as you don’t keep secrets from your SO and provide honest answers to any questions they may have regarding anything on your accounts, social media shouldn’t be a problem in your relationship at all. It’s all about trusting each other!

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