A Month In Review – April

So this will probably be a short post because, well… Nothing really all that interesting happened in April.

The month started off with us discovering a literal one letter error on John’s State ID. Instead of “Johnathon” they had wrote “Johnathan”! I couldn’t believe it. We immediately told him he needs to get it fixed before we send in our sponsorship application. (Note that this is being posted in May and this correction has STILL NOT been made. –cue endless frustration-)

Aside from that little discovery, on April 12th, John and I celebrated one month of being married! Unfortunately I did have to work that day, but we were fine with just celebrating for the few hours I had with him after work over Skype. We both ordered Pizza Hut for dinner since it was the easiest thing to do, and the pizzas actually delivered to both of us at the same time! Originally we had planned to hopefully play Dark Souls 3 together, but it didn’t end up working. Instead, we just ended up playing some Minecraft together.

One thing that did make me very happy was that John FINALLY got 2 whole weekends off with me in April! Which has like, never happened since he started his job. We basically spent both weekends on Skype all day and played an absolute ton of Minecraft, haha. John also wanted to have another pizza date night, so we did that as well. I love having Skype dates with him! We also watched three movies during those days off together; Ride Along, Ride Along 2 & Cop Out. They were hilarious and if you haven’t seen them already, you certainly should!

My cousins birthday was in April as well, so to celebrate we went for breakfast at a restaurant called Cora’s, one of my favorite breakfast places! I originally wanted to get the nutella and strawberry filled crepe, but once I got there, I couldn’t resist getting my usual bacon, eggs and hasbrowns, haha… They are just too delicious!

That’s about all that happened for me in April… That I can remember anyways. 😛 The month just seemed to fly by! Which is fine by me since it’s now only 10 days until I see my wonderful husband again!


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