Monthly Goals – May 2016

Unfortunately, I missed doing my monthly goals for April… March was very busy and even after John left, we were still figuring out a bunch of things that we had to do for the sponsorship progress, so it kind of slipped my mind!

I did make a list of 3 goals for the month of March though, so I will continue from there.

My March goals consisted of the following;

Successful wedding day – This is something that I am definitely happy to say happened! Our wedding day couldn’t have been more perfect then it was. Things were admittedly hectic in the morning, but nonetheless, everything still went smoothly, the weather was great, a few hiccups during the ceremony that made for a few laughs and everyone had a great time at the restaurant. Other then John’s ring not fitting, nothing at all went wrong that day!

Keep up my focus at work – I’ve been doing well with this, definitely going to keep at it!

Finish everything listed on my blog planner – Unfortunately this one did not end up happening… Between my visit with John and trying to handle being separated from him again, it sort of faded from my mind. The closing down of LDRBN also made me lose a bit of motivation, so in the end I never finished everything I had planned to do.

Now for my goals of May!

Sponsorship Completion – 100%

The last thing John needs to do before we can apply for Sponsorship is attend his doctors check-up on June 1st. So, before he goes for that, anything else that needs to be done has to get done by the end of this month!

Meet the rest of John’s family

I’m flying down to Memphis on May 21st for a short visit in which I will possibly be meeting the rest of John’s family! I’m pretty excited about meeting his sister and going to the zoo with everyone!

Post at least one blog topic

I haven’t made an actual blog post in a while, due to losing motivation from the closing down of LDRBN. However, I do have a topic in mind right now and I want to have it written and posted by the end of this month.

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