Two Stars Become One (Mar 10th – Mar 20th)

So I remember John saying that January was the most anticipated visit… But I have to say his visit in March was something I was even MORE excited for then our Christmas together. This visit topped them all and most likely will top even our future visits, because the happiness I felt when I walked down the aisle and stood at the altar to marry John was one that I’ve never felt before. Anyways, here’s a breakdown of how our visit in March went!

March 10th – Day of arrival

John had to wake up at around 3:00AM his time if I recall correctly. Despite me having to work, I wanted to be up when he was as well so I could make sure he didn’t forget anything and got to the airport on time. I felt like a zombie that morning as I reached for my phone to call him, but John sounded like he was full of energy when he answered the phone. He said he barely slept because he was so excited to see me again, haha. Everything went fairly smooth with him getting to the airport and finding his gate, I actually got to sleep a little extra before having to head out to work! By the time I got to work later in the morning, John had already been on his first plane and was waiting to board the next one which had unfortunately gotten delayed by about an hour I believe. He finally landed here around 1:30pm and since I had asked to take my lunch later than usual that day, my mom came to get me from work with him so we could go eat, and then dropped me back off at work. When I got home after work, we didn’t really do too much other then go grocery shopping and make John’s stroganoff for dinner.


March 11th – Day before the wedding

This was the day we had to do all the gathering of last minute things such as getting the cake, bouquet and boutonniere. First however, my mother took me for my mani/pedi. First one I’ve ever gotten! I actually really enjoyed it, except for the nail filing part, haha. That was making me cringe a lot, especially at the side of the nails. After that she wanted to take me and get everything else, but since we had left John at home and I wasn’t too keen on being away from him so long, I made her go back and get him first, lol! Then we went and got my eyebrows waxed before setting off to get our cake and other things. John and I were both feeling pretty hungry by this point, so before we left Fortinos (Which is where we picked up our cake and flowers) we decided to get ourselves some chicken wings and fries. Let me just say it was DELICIOUS! John agrees too because he couldn’t stop eating the fries even though I told him to wait until we got home, haha! That night we went to see Deadpool which John absolutely loved. For me it was alright, but I didn’t find it as great as everyone had been making it out to be, lol.


March 12th – Wedding Day!

John and I both wrote a whole post about this day, so you can read about it here! ► Summary Of The Day


March 13th – ‘Honeymoon’ Day

So John and I decided that we wouldn’t really do much of a honeymoon, because saving up for his sponsorship was something we wanted much more than an expensive honeymoon. We spent our wedding night at a hotel downtown and then spent Sunday (March 13) just hanging out together. I discovered that there was a Cora’s just around the corner from our hotel so that’s where we headed to have breakfast.


That morning, we had also found out that the St. Patrick’s parade was happening that day and it just so happened that when we finished eating at Cora’s the parade started heading down the street we were on. We stayed to watch it for probably close to an hour, it was a lot of fun, especially when the groups playing the bagpipes all marched by!


After that, we went and had ice cream at Marble Slabs and then headed over to the Eaton’s Center for a little window shopping. Which turned into actual shopping because John helped me pick out some new clothes at Aeropostale. Once we were finished our shopping at the mall, we paid a visit to my cousin to play a few video games before heading on home for the night. It wasn’t much of a honeymoon per say, but we had a lot of fun and enjoyed our time spent together and with my cousin that evening.

March 14th – Off to Niagara Falls!

Even though we went to Niagara Falls with my family, we did sort of include this as a honeymoon. Ever since John first came to visit Toronto, he had wanted to go to Niagara Falls and that’s finally where we were going! He was pretty excited and so was I. It was about a 2 hour drive, we stopped about halfway there to grab a bite to eat.


When we arrived in Niagara Falls and checked into our hotel, my brother and sister already wanted to go swimming, so we decided to go swimming as well with them.


We spent a good amount of time in the pool before getting out and going to Swiss Chalet for dinner.


Then we went to Clifton Hill, which is the main street in Niagara Falls where all the entertainment and souvenir shops are. We did go over to see the falls, but it was dark out and even though they did still look amazing, they definitely would look better during the day. I was a bit disappointed because sometimes at night they light up the falls, but I suppose that must only be at certain times of the year since that night they were not lit up.


March 15th – Niagara Falls Day 2

We all were up somewhat early that morning to go for breakfast at Perkins, our favorite place to go when visiting Niagara Falls! Once we were all full of food, me, my mom, siblings and John all went to the bird aviary. It was fun walking through the building and seeing all the different types of beautiful birds. There was even a room with lizards which John loved and he even got to hold a snake! Another part of the aviary we also got to hold little cups of nectar and the birds landed on us to drink it. That part was a lot of fun but I was also scared that one of the birds might poop on me! Luckily that didn’t happen, haha.


After we were finished there, we all drove across the border to go to The Cheesecake Factory in Buffalo, NY. Yes… We drive across the border for cheesecake because their cheesecake is the BEST! We also walked around the Galleria Mall a bit, but didn’t really end up buying anything. Well, except for some really nice smelling hand soap, lol!

Untitled10 Untitled11

March 16th – Last Day In Niagara Falls

Once again we went to Perkins for breakfast. Since this was our last day, we tried to fit in the last of our activities. We went to the Dave & Buster’s and played a ton of arcade games as well as laser tag and a small laser maze. Unfortunately at some point during all these games, John noticed that he had lost his wooden Ontario pendant… We tried looking all over the place and even looked multiple times back inside the laser maze and laser tag rooms, but we just had no luck finding it. We were both pretty upset about it, but all we could do was just order another one when we got back home.


When we finished with all the games, we headed back over to the falls so John could finally see them properly before we left. He was amazed at how big the Horseshoe Falls were and took tons of pictures! I hadn’t seen the falls either in a very long time and had forgotten how beautiful they were.


On our way back home after that, we stopped again halfway and got some Dairy Queen.


When we arrived home I had a letter waiting in the mail for me from my friend Diana in the Philippines, which made me super happy!

March 17th – March 20th – Summary Of Last Days

Since we didn’t really do much else for his last few days here, I’ll just make a summary! When we got back home from Niagara Falls, John suddenly got a little sick with a cold. We had ventured out to use a few of our gift cards though and had planned on going to see Zootopia together. But after being out shopping for a while, John said he was feeling too bad to go see the movie, so we ended up just going back home where I took care of him, haha. We had gotten him a 3DS so mostly we spent a lot of our time playing Pokemon together and watching movies.

On his last day, it was pretty hard for me to believe he was actually leaving. We are married now… Shouldn’t we be able to stay together? But unfortunately that’s not how things work… He had an early flight so we woke up early enough to fit in breakfast together. Time went way too fast though and before I knew it, we had dropped him off at the airport and I was headed back home alone. L Saying goodbye at the airport honestly never gets easier… But with each passing day, it does bring us closer to the day where we can finally close this painful distance.


3 thoughts on “Two Stars Become One (Mar 10th – Mar 20th)”

  1. Chelsea Martin

    Many congratulations to you both! It looks like you also had a wonderful honeymoon :3 When are you hoping to close the distance? My husband and I married on New Year’s Eve and recently closed the distance this April. It was definitely sad to have to say goodbye to my husband so soon after our wedding. Even worse – we didn’t have the time to take a honeymoon, but we do have a wedding blessing taking place this August and we’ll honeymoon around then 😀

    1. Marissa Knight Post Author

      Thank you very much and congratulations to you as well!! Closing the distance is so exciting, hehehe. 😀 We did have a very fun Honeymoon, even if it was with my family included, haha. 🙂 We are working on our sponsorship now, so hopefully by this time next year he will be living here with me already! I can’t wait. I’m sorry you weren’t able to have a Honeymoon right away, but I really hope you have a great time in August! ^-^

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