Marrying My Knight In Shining Armor

See what I did there? Hahaha! With a last name like that, how can I not tease him sometimes!? It’s funny because when John and I first started talking on Skype and he told me what his last name was, I joked to myself in my head; “Hah, my knight in shining armor.” Little did I know how right I was! When I told him what my last name was, he had chuckled and said “Too bad you will never have a cool last name like me!” Well… Guess who’s got your last name now, sweetcheeks!


Let me just say, if you are marrying the right man, waking up on your wedding day will feel like a total dream. I woke up and was still in disbelief that I was getting married that day. To the man who I loved with every inch of my heart and soul. I could not have been happier. We were up at 8:00AM that day and quickly showered and had breakfast. Not too long after all that was done, me and my mom had to rush out to go get my makeup done. The appointment was at 10:30AM. When we arrived at The Face Shop, one of my best friends was already there getting her makeup done. Yes, we had makeup appointments scheduled at the same time, haha! Much to our dismay, the lady told us that the girl who was supposed to do my makeup wasn’t coming until 11:00AM… Needless to say we started panicking because there was absolutely NO way that we could wait until that time to have it done and then make it back home in time to get 7 people dressed and out the door! But thankfully, my friend told the lady that was doing her makeup to do mine instead. I am still so thankful for that even now because if she had not done that for me, we probably would not have ended up getting married that day, haha…


We made it back home at around 11:40AM I believe. Considering we had to leave at no later then 12:20PM, it was JUST enough time. I got dressed as much as I could while everyone else was upstairs getting dressed as well. I did have to wait for my mom to come downstairs so she could tie my dress up at the back. While I was waiting for that to happen, DJ, Tammy & Victor all came to my place because they needed to follow us to the location of the ceremony. I felt bad because my place was kind of a mess, haha! Fast forward a little bit and 3 cars are on their way to the ceremony! The groom, the bride and the friends! Damn was I ever feeling excited!

On the way there, my mom was getting me to text everyone, making sure they were all on their way to the right place and on time. “Better be on your way, it starts at 1:30!!!” No pressure, right?

The location wasn’t too difficult to find, but… Finding the right spot to park so that we were at the right entrance? Well, that was a different story. We literally had no idea where the right place to park was, so we kind of just parked in the first underground parking we could find. Which ended up being in the wrong building, but luckily only across from the building we were actually supposed to be in. Not too bad of a walk. -cue frantic group of people semi-running to find the right place with random people staring at me and congratulating me-

We made it!

There were a lot of people already there, which was great because I think we had gotten there with only half an hour to spare. Everyone was congratulating me and taking lots of pictures. At some point my dad came in and asked if it was okay for John to come in now. We had wanted to try and stick to the tradition of not seeing each other until the ceremony, but since we couldn’t exactly do that, we settled for not seeing each other until 15 minutes to. My heart was skipping a few beats while I waited for him to come in and when he finally did, it melted. He looked absolutely dashing in his suit! I wish I could have kept him in that suit forever because damn, did he look good! Hahaha.

With only 15 minutes left, I had to organize the people who I was having walk down the aisle and figure out how to put the music on the radio they had. But wait! Where was our officiant!? He was anywhere but there and I was on the verge of freaking right out. Luckily though, there was another officiant there who offered to do our ceremony for us if ours did not show. Saved! We got the music working and 5 minutes before the ceremony was supposed to start, our officiant showed up! Finally after all the rushing around, our wedding ceremony took place.

After the ceremony, we took TONS of pictures and then headed off to The Keg for our reception dinner. I was hungry and excited to get my filet mignon! Since the restaurant had agreed to open an hour early for us, we all had to order our food first. After that was done, we got the servers to pour the champagne for everyone to do a toast. My cousin, mother, two best friends and one of John’s friends did a speech for us which I really loved. Once that was done, we had a little time for me and John to go around to each table and talk to everyone. Then the food finally came and we all dug in!

After eating, I threw my bouquet, which my sister caught, and John had to venture up my dress and get the garter belt off my leg to throw for the men! My cousins fiancé caught that one. Coincidence? 😛 The servers then brought out our cake and John and I put our cake topper on it for some pictures before cutting a piece for ourselves. We let my mom and aunt take over after we cut our piece because, well… We aren’t exactly the best cake cutters, haha.

Everyone enjoyed some cake, which was beyond delicious by the way (At least in my opinion), and then spent a little while talking among one another. It made me so happy to see how well John was getting along with everyone.

After a while, we all said our goodbyes. Despite the day feeling very frantic in the beginning, it had turned out perfectly and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

My mom drove us to the hotel that we were staying at for the night and well, what can I say… We got pizza. LOL!

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