My Long Distance Relationship Story

My story began in 2012.

I was only 16 at the time so of course I was all into social media, anything and everything. I signed up for a site specifically for young people like myself. When I first made my account, I was only looking for friends, but then I met Kyle. Kyle and I lived in the same state just 300 miles apart. We messaged back and forth for about a month until he finally asked for my number. The first moment we heard each other’s voice on the phone, I knew… I knew he was the one I wanted for the rest of my life. Phone calls turned into skype calls and staying up way too late.

In April of 2012, Kyle hit me with the news that he was moving to Virginia in May. It hit me hard because we were dating at the time and we both decided it was time to end it… But we still continued talking everyday as friends, still not having met, dated people, went through broken hearts, but still being there for each other. In June 2015, Kyle and I lost contact due to our lives just being too busy and not having time for each other. We were both also in very serious relationships at this time, so we decided that it was time to just stop talking. In October of 2015, I called Kyle crying because my boyfriend had cheated on me and Kyle just listened to me cry and talk and ramble on and on. It was just like old times. After I finished my crying, Kyle told me him and his girlfriend broke up in September, but he didn’t tell me anything due to the fact I was still with my boyfriend. So Kyle and I just started texting again just as friends like we had been before.

Then December hit.

In December I had started catching my feelings for Kyle. Well we finally decided to video chat again for the first time in a year, and it was the most amazing 5 hour video call ever. We started talking more than just friends. In January 2016, Kyle told me he couldn’t take it anymore and he wanted to come see me (me and Kyle were NOT together at this point due to the fact he wanted to meet me first before he decided to date me again). On March 3, 2016, I was in the airport and when Kyle and I made eye contact, it was the most amazing moment on planet earth, the world stopped I swear. As of March 5th, we became a couple and it has been the best roller coaster ride of my life. I love this man to death and I know deep down due to everything we went through to get us to this moment, that we will be together for a lifetime. I plan on moving to Virginia this upcoming August to be with Kyle and to have everything I ever wanted.

Written by; Cassie

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