A Month In Review; February (Wedding Planning)

So the month of February was pretty hectic. Or at least it felt like it was. There was a lot of wedding planning to get done, which thankfully my mother helped me with.

First off, John’s birthday was on February 3rd and I had wanted to try and make it as special as I could! Unfortunately I ended up getting sick the weekend just before his birthday and proceeded to be sick for the rest of that week. Woohoo! Nonetheless though, I came home from work (Which I should have just taken the day off because I was feeling horrible) and still managed to stay up with him and play some World of Warcraft. I had also sent him a cookie box from GiftTree which he enjoyed as well.

Next up was Valentine’s Day! And also John’s turn to be sick, HAHA. The day before Valentine’s Day, he had to end up leaving work early because he started feeling too sick to be there. Unfortunately it didn’t pass by the next morning on Valentine’s Day, so he called into work and told them he wouldn’t be able to come in. So I guess on the bright side he got to stay home and we stayed on Skype together literally all day! For my gift to John that day, I had gotten him a cute red monkey stuffed animal. The arms can wrap around things because they have Velcro on the paws, haha. I also sent him all the Tiny Mail letters I had written for him along with a normal size love letter. Two mini packages, one with a little clam soap inside (My attempt to represent that our love will grow into something beautiful) and another with a Chinese good luck coin. I also included a small box of Lindt chocolates since I know he loves them so much!


Now for all the wedding planning that went down!

Not wanting to spend a fortune on having wedding invitations made for me, I decided to design and print them myself!


Now, near the beginning of the month, my mom had kept asking if I wanted to wear her dress. At first I was skeptical because I didn’t really remember what her dress looked like, and I already had an idea of exactly what I wanted. But finally I decided to go try it on and I fell completely in love it!

Of course it needed to have some adjustments so we took it to a lady who my mom was referred to on Facebook. I couldn’t close the zipper at the back so that had to be taken out and replaced with a tie-up. Kind of like a corset, which I thought would look ten times better anyways. Other then that, it just needed to be hemmed.

For my bouquet and John’s boutonniere, I had already picked colors that I wanted for the flowers. We went to the florist shop that is right around the corner from our house, but unfortunately they did not have the colors available that I wanted. However, when we went to Fortinos to order the cake, we remembered that there was a florist there as well! And luckily they had just the colors I wanted! I went with blue and purple carnations. Our color theme is blue and purple in accordance to our birthstone colors!

After all of that, it was pretty much just the rings that we needed to get. We popped over to People’s Jeweler’s at the mall and took a look at what they had. In the end, we decided to go with something very simple. Plain, 14k white gold bands with “My Star 3/12/2016” engraved on the inside.

So that’s basically how February went for me. Very busy, but it certainly helped the time pass by quickly! It’s currently 5 days before John will be arriving here and just one week before I finally get to marry the man of my dreams!


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