Why Do I Blog?

Before I had met John, blogging was not even something that ever crossed my mind. After all, what did I even have to blog about? All I did in my spare time was play video games for the most part. I did read some books, but I would have never started a book blog because, well, I just couldn’t read that fast! Plus I wasn’t that big of a book fanatic. I still have tons of books on my shelf that I have bought but never read, haha! Aside from those hobbies, I was in a close distance relationship at that time and let’s be honest, who really wants to read about that?

However, when John and I started dating, I wanted to keep a diary of our relationship. This relationship was different, unique. It had an adventurous aspect to it and it was a challenge compared to close distance relationships. It was an actual story that I could tell of how the love of my life and I overcame the distance.

At first I considered keeping a physical diary, one that I would write in whenever I felt like. But as I thought about that more, I figured it might be a little tedious. That was when I looked into using Tumblr. I realized that there were a lot of other LDR bloggers there and decided to join! I threw together a quick profile and started writing a few posts of my own and re-blogging a ton of pictures. People started to follow me which made me happy, and not too long after that I started seeing ads about a blogging network called LDRBN. At first I was skeptical about it, unsure if I would even be able to keep up or be any good at writing prompt posts. But after a while, I decided “Hey, why not just give it a shot?” and am I ever glad that I did! Ever since then, my blog skills have improved greatly and I have met many friends who I am forever thankful for. One of them even lives down the street from me, haha!

Now that you know why I started blogging, I’d like to list a few perks I believe blogging provides!

A Place To Vent

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When in an LDR, you may come across some times where you are feeling sad or even mad, but don’t entirely have anyone who you can turn to talk to. Whether it’s because they won’t understand or because they don’t support your relationship decision. Having a blog provides you with a place to write out and express all these feelings. You can type away without the worry of being judged.

Social Networking


Without a doubt, having a blog is a great way to meet so many people who are going through the same experience as you! You can read and be inspired by all of their stories, just like they can read all about yours. Not only that, you can also build up an amazing support group.


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Having a blog could be a great way to show proof of your relationship. After all, it’s a place where you will be writing about all the adventures you’ve had together, the challenges that you have faced and more than likely posting an endless amount of pictures.

Something To Do

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Being in an LDR, you’re going to have to find things to do during the time you aren’t able to spend with your SO. Blogging can certainly become a hobby for you during these times and it can be a great way to pass the time! Customizing your theme, writing new content, designing pictures, reading other blogger posts… Hours can fly by before you even know it!

Monetization/Giveaway Opportunities

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There are many bloggers out there who host their own little giveaways and then there are blogging networks like LDRMagazine and LDRBN who host giveaways as well. I won an iPad from LDRBN and I’m so happy with it! You can also find many great monetization opportunities as well, be it opting in for review campaigns, adding Google Adsense on your blog or joining programs such as LDRBN’s LDR Writer’s which pays you per article that you write!

I hope that if you are here because you are deciding whether you would like to start a blog or not, my list has been able to help you in your decision!

Happy blogging! 🙂

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