Fun With Movies

Being in a Long Distance Relationship means that you greatly depend on the internet for your entertainment. No matter what it may be; Playing games, reading together, voice calling, video calling, watching movies or random things on YouTube.

Watching movies is probably the second, if not first, most popular activity for LDR couples to do together. This is because it’s very easy to just pop on to Netflix, find something to watch together, count to 3 and press play! It is something that John and I have done countless times by now and will continue to do. It’s funny because some people will looked at me, baffled and confused at how we could watch anything together. When I explain to them that we simply just pick out something together and then press play at the same time, they always just chuckle and express how cute that is, haha.

Anyways, over the past 9 months that we have been together, John and I have watched many, many different movies. I’m going to list a few of the ones that I particularly enjoyed watching with him!

Jurassic World


I really loved watching this movie with John not only because it was our very first time going to the movie theater together, but because it was something that he was really looking forward to watching with me. We had been waiting for about almost 2 months to watch it together, haha! We turned it into sort of a double date with my friend and her boyfriend so that he could meet her. It all went really great and John and I both thought the movie was really fantastic!



This was another one we seen in theater together. Both him and I went into this movie not really expecting it to be anything special, mostly because the trailers looks kind of… Dumb? Haha. But we did decide to go see it anyways! And am I ever glad we did because it was absolutely hilarious and such a great movie! We were laughing together at a lot of the scenes!



When this movie first came out, I LOVED it. John had made mention of it a couple times, because he had heard other people talking about it. So I finally asked him one day if he had even seen the movie and to my surprise, his answer was no. I hadn’t seen the movie in years so I immediately told him we are definitely watching it together! I really loved watching it with him and he did as well. It’s such a great story and cute to boot! We also had a few good laughs!

Inside Out


Another one of my favorite movies. John hadn’t seen this movie either and had mentioned that it was one he was interested in watching. So of course, I told him we would watch it together! It was great to watch it with him and he really enjoyed it. Sadness kind of annoyed him throughout most of the movie, haha! But in the end he realized what the moral of the story was like I had when I first watched it. It’s a really sweet movie and funny as well!

Now those are only a few of the movies that I have enjoyed watching with John. There are many more, but off the top of my head, those are the ones that stand out the most.


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