A Month In Review; January

I know January was quite a while ago now, haha. I had meant to write this post at the beginning of February, but it’s been pretty busy so far and I sort of got caught up in a few other posts. But today I finally have some free time.

January was a pretty big month and I have to say, it was a great start to a new year. John came to visit and we celebrated our Christmas together since he wasn’t able to get time off during the actual holidays. I loved watching him open all his gifts and although I would have liked to say I got him the best gifts, what he got for me definitely out did all of them. He proposed! It certainly doesn’t get any better then that!

I thought it was pretty weird when him and my family all told me to sit down on the couch. Then he started fumbling with a little box and I couldn’t help but to keep giggling because of how nervous I was. He got down on one knee in front of my whole family and asked me to be his wife and I was rendered speechless! (I did manage to get out a yes though, hah!) I love him so much and I couldn’t be happier with the way things have turned out. And what’s even better, my father caught the whole proposal on video! Needless to say, his proposal was definitely the highlight of the whole month.

John also got to finally meet my best cousin this time as well, which I was very happy about as well. Oh, and he also got to meet one of his long time friends! They have been friends online for years, so that was pretty awesome.

We didn’t really do too much else during this visit, other then bringing John to the Mandarin which he absolutely loved. It is a big Chinese food buffet. Oh, I forgot to mention we also got our marriage license while he was here as well!

If you would like to read about our Christmas visit, John wrote about it HERE!

After he left to go back to Memphis, that is basically when all of the wedding planning started. But most of that got done this month (February) so that will be saved for next months post! The only thing that I got done for the wedding in January was sending out the invitations. I didn’t want to spend a fortune on them, so I went with designing my own. I preferred that anyways since it was more personal. And I guess I did a pretty good job, because a lot of people who received them thought I bought them, haha.

I think that’s basically about it. January went by pretty fast and so is February!

Until next time~


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