A Celebration Of…


When I was in elementary school, Valentine’s Day meant two things to me. It meant being embarrassed yet excited to hand out all the little cards to my classmates that I spent the day before signing, especially when I had to hand them to my secret crush/crushes, haha! And it also meant that even though I didn’t have the best relationship with any classmates (I was very shy and tended to keep to myself) I still received cards as well. The classroom would be decorated with heart banners and sometimes the teacher would even give us some chocolates!

It has never been a big celebration at home, but my parents always got me and my sibling’s chocolates as well and told us that they love us.

Now that I am older, my parents still get me chocolates, but there is no longer any giving or receiving of those little Valentine’s Day cards. It kind of makes me sad to be honest, but as I think on it now, I wonder why I stopped sending them out? Just because I no longer go to school, doesn’t mean that I can’t send out Valentine’s Day cards. I think it’s something I will do for next year.

I realize now that almost everywhere I turn and almost every time I mention that Valentine’s Day is coming, I’m always hearing how so many people don’t celebrate it or about how much they despise it.

 “It’s just a huge money scam” some say. But isn’t every holiday basically a money scam? Christmas being the biggest one of all. And who says that you have to spend money in order to celebrate this day of love? Cook a meal at home with a special someone, snuggle up on the couch together and pop in a romantic movie.

Others say “I don’t have/never have a girlfriend/boyfriend on Valentine’s Day, so it just reminds me how alone I am”. But are you really alone? Media pegs Valentine’s Day as a day where if you don’t have a significant other, there’s nothing to celebrate. But I disagree entirely. What about your family? Your friends? They all love you! Doesn’t that deserve to be celebrated as well? So if you have some single friends/family or friends/family that just simply don’t have plans, why not celebrate this day of love with them?

Another one I hear is “Well we should be showing our love every day, so there’s no point in celebrating”. To that I say, do we all really show all of our loved ones every day how much they mean to us? I don’t know about everyone else, but I don’t really think so. Our lives can get so busy at times and often this leads to neglecting to show every single person we love how much they mean to us. We could go weeks or even months at a time without talking to them and not even realize it. Does that mean we love them less? No. It just means we’ve been a little caught up in life. So, really, what is the harm in celebrating this day and taking the time to send out a notion of love to all those we care about? Because yes, even though we should be showing it every day, that is almost impossible.

As for me? Next year I would like to celebrate Valentine’s Day by sending out even just a simple little card to all those who I care about, since it is a little late to do that this year. But this year, I will celebrate it sitting at my laptop on Skype with my fiancé who is 850 miles away from me. I will happily watch him open my gift to him and then we will wish that we were snuggled up together on the couch while we watch a romantic movie together. For me, celebrating Valentine’s Day with something as simple as that couldn’t be better.


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