2015 – The Unexpected


You may be wondering why I called 2015 the unexpected year for me. Well, that’s simply because a LOT of unexpected things happened!

When the new year began, I had already decided that I was no longer happy in the current relationship I had. 

When the year of 2015 started, I already knew that things were going to become very different. There was a man, 850 miles away, that had swept me off my feet and stolen my heart. So right from the beginning, I decided to start off fresh. I ended my current relationship and made plans with John to meet him in person for the first time.

However, before meeting John, I had my trip to Las Vegas with my grandmother and my mom! I have to say it was probably among one of the best vacations I had. I had always wanted to go to Vegas and finally there I was! Even better, we got to stay in Caesar’s Palace! 


Once we got back from Las Vegas, the following week was when I would be heading out to finally meet John on my birthday (March 5th)! Needless to say I was pretty damn excited. If you would like to read about our first meeting, please click here~

After I met John, things took off. We got along amazingly well and fell in love with each other. The first time he told me he loved me was in May and I think I must have been smiling ear to ear for… Well, a really long time, haha. I still do even now. John wrote about it here! I won’t say that our relationship has been perfect, we have definitely been through our fair share of bumps. But the important thing is that we have made it through them all together and have come out stronger. Now, almost a year after meeting, we are waiting to take each other as husband and wife on our first year anniversary of March 12th.

Now that you’ve read a summary of my 2015 year, I’d like to share a little bit from the review of the year that John and I did together, inspired by the relationship challenge on LDRBN!


Marissa: This year I would like to try and focus a lot more at work and become a better employee for the company. I get way too distracted right now.

John: I want to work on my always being easily distracted by things. Whenever I am supposed to do something, I often get distracted and put it off for long periods of time, so I would like to change that.


Marissa: I’d have to say my favorite memory was when I went to surprise visit him. I loved seeing the look of utter surprise on his face, lmao!

We also both agree that our first time meeting in person is a favorite as well, probably the #1 memory. It was the best feeling in the world.


John and I both agree that we have been very grateful for my mom with how much she has helped us. She is the one who helped us figure everything out about getting him sponsored here, she even contacted a lawyer for us. And she is also helping us with a lot of the wedding planning.


John: Always listen to Marissa and even more important, always listen to her mom.

An important lesson we both learned is to always make sure that everything is approved and in hand before making any flight bookings, because you do not get refunds.


Our laptops because they keep us connected, haha. Without them it would certainly be a lot more difficult.


John: Getting to play lots of games with Marissa!

Marissa: I like sleeping over Skype with him on the weekends.

That’s about it, folks! How was your year of 2015?


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