Wisdom Teeth

After getting back home on September 8th from visiting John, everything seemed to just go downhill for the following 2 weeks. The next day after getting home (Wednesday), there was a pain at the very back of my mouth. I didn’t really think anything of it though, since it was bearable. However, that night after getting home, I was not really feeling all that well and decided to take an hour nap. Upon waking up, the pain was a lot worse and I felt really nauseous. Obviously then I knew something was wrong, so I asked my mom for her opinion. Thursday we went to the dentist during my lunch break to find out something that I hoped would absolutely never happen. The gum around my wisdom tooth at the back was infected, so they told me that I would need to get them removed. I already dislike going to the dentist enough, throwing wisdom teeth pulling into that mix certainly did not thrill me. They did tell me that I would be put to sleep during the procedure though, so I was fine with that.

Moving on, they prescribed me a bottle of Amoxicillin. I was instructed to take 3 pills a day for 10 days, 1 every 8 hours. So, I did. The infection cleared up pretty darn fast which I was very happy about, considering one night I ended up napping with an ice pack on my cheek while I waited for the painkiller to kick in. However! My body decided to dislike the Amoxicillin apparently and as a result, I got a few hives on my right arm.


Oh, I also forgot to mention that we ventured over to another dentist to see if we could get an earlier appointment. While we were there, I discovered that they actually were not putting me to sleep, they were IV sedating me. Now that was just fantastic. Phobia of the dentist and needles. Needless to say, finding that out did not bring out a good reaction from me. I freaked right out and ended up ignoring the assistant for the rest of the time we were there.

So, my appointment is booked for next Friday (October 2) and I am completely scared out of my mind. I almost can’t even sleep properly because of the nightmares going through my head. I don’t even know if I will be able to handle it when I get there or if I am going to make a complete scene and fool of myself. I hope it goes better then what I am thinking, because I am really scared…

John has been really upset that he can’t be here with me physically while I am going through this. 🙁 I wish that he could be here as well. But I know that he is trying his best to be here for me no matter what, despite the distance, and honestly, that makes me happy enough. If I ever start thinking about it he reassures me that everything will be okay and does everything he can to take my mind off it. I am so lucky to have him in my life, I could never ask for anyone better. I love him so much and I am very thankful for his support through this. ♥

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