Wisdom Extraction – Success!

Written on October 3rd, 2015

I successfully had my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday and it went a lot smoother then I thought!

So I basically woke up yesterday totally not okay with what was going to happen in just 2 hours. The first thing I did was call John to talk to him for a bit to try and calm myself down. Once I got off the phone with him I pretty just went and got ready. I couldn’t eat or drink anything so that really sucked. Took a shower and after that I got into contact with my best friend to see how long it would be before she got to my house, since we were leaving in just 15 minutes, haha. Thankfully moments later she was knocking on the door.

Her and my mom kept me laughing and reassuring me it would be okay on the way to the dentist and they both came into the room while the nurse put the IV in my right hand. The nurse was really nice, I liked her, haha. So once that was in, she put some of the stuff into my system (I don’t know what it is) and I started to feel woozy a bit. I don’t really even know if I remember my mom and bestie leaving, but I do remember that I had seen needles coming at my mouth and even in my sedated state I moved and told them they had to wait until I was out, lol! So the IV fell out and they had to find another spot, but that one fell out too because I guess I struggled a little more. When they then put it in my left hand, they put extra tape and I remember them looking at me and telling me that it was the last vein I had available and to please stay still. xD Which I suppose I did because I don’t remember anything else after that other then when they were announcing each tooth had been taken out.

And then bam, I was up and I heard my mom coming in. They helped me get up out of the chair and then we were gone. I found out that John had been checking in with my mom and bestie to make sure that I was doing okay. That made me feel happy. 🙂 And I had honestly thought that I was in there for only like, 5 minutes, but I was actually in there for 40 minutes!

All in all it went way better then I had been imagining. Even the recovery part. I was barely bleeding at all so they didn’t even need to put gauze in my mouth. And there has also been very minimal pain and pretty much no swelling. Looks like I was all worried for nothing, lol.


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