We Make Each Other Shine

“Opposites attract”

This is a saying that goes around quite often. Do I believe it’s true? Well, I think that really all depends on just how opposite things really are. Someone who is shy may really like someone who is outgoing because they admire that about them. In this case, the outgoing partner may be able to help their shy partner break out from their shell a little. But there are other cases where things may not work out so well. Even my example situation could turn out wrong, but it just depends on the people.

As for John and I, I really do think that our opposites work well together.

As with my example situation above, I can be quite shy most times. John is outgoing and doesn’t usually have a hard time talking to people, which I admire greatly and it does sometimes help me to break out of my shell.

However, he can be somewhat of a pushover at times and this is where, depending on the situation, I encourage him to not give in or let people push him around. Sometimes I think I may even get a little too insistent, haha.

Another example where we are opposite is with food. I like many different types of food and will even try a lot of different things as long as it doesn’t sound too weird or look weird! John on the other hand is very simple and can even be picky. But this is okay because now that he is with me, he is trying new things! Hehe. There are obviously some things that he likes that I don’t like and vice versa, but this works both ways since we will just pick off each other’s plates what the other doesn’t like!

Halloween is another event where we differ. John LOVES scary stuff and I absolutely hate it because I am a complete chicken! So I felt pretty bad when he wanted to watch scary movies with me and I kept turning it all down, haha. But! I did muster up my courage and we went to Halloween Haunt with Tammy at Wonderland. He was very happy about that!

One more thing that I can think of when I think of how we are opposite, are the games that we enjoy. While I enjoy MMO’s (WoW, Guild Wars 2, etc), Tycoon’s (Zoo Tycoon, Rollercoaster Tycoon, etc), Simulators (Harvest Moon, The Sims, etc) & Hack & Slash Adventures (Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, etc), John enjoys those as well, but he also likes first person shooters which I absolutely cannot stand! One game that he LOVES is COD (No surprise there) and I seriously just don’t get it, haha. Literally sit there doing the same thing over and over! But I definitely am willing to play them with him if he really wants me too. We are actually playing Resident Evil 6 currently and I’ve actually been enjoying it!


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