Tiny Mail Kit Review

Written on October 8, 2015

So I am sure that a few of you know that I had received my FREE Tiny Mail Kit from Leafcutter Designs a few days ago in the mail! This was all thanks as well to LDR Blogs and LDR Magazine. I have been very excited about doing a review on it. This is actually my first time doing something like this, so I hope that you all enjoy it! I will include a coupon code at the end of my review and a video of myself putting the kit together!

Alright, so my first initial reaction to the kit when I got it was “Wow! This may be smaller then what I was expecting!” Which was actually perfectly fine with me, since it just made it that much cuter in my opinion. As I opened the kit and examined the contents, I was marveling over everything that was inside. It really did come with everything that you needed for making letters and packages. (See pictures below.) I was also very pleased with the quality of the contents. It was all organized nicely, packed well and I didn’t have any worries about something being too fragile to use or too flimsy. Off to a great start!


Putting everything together? This was the fun part! At first, I was a little overwhelmed with what in the world I was going to do. But then I thought, what else would I do? I got straight to writing a few little letters to the love of my life. Of course, seeing the size of the small papers, I wondered if I was going to have difficulty writing so tiny. However, I found that the very fine tipped pen included in the kit made this an absolute breeze! Once I was finished writing some letters, I was happy to discover that both the writing paper and the envelopes have folding lines. This made my life so much easier in putting the letters together.


The tiny packages were just as simple to put together. I simply stuffed the bottom of the box with the little newspaper, chose an item to put inside along with a note and then wrapped it up and decorated. Now, the only thing here that I found a tad bit difficult was wrapping the box in the brown construction paper, as the paper did not entirely cover the whole box. But that was easily fixed with just a bit of tape!

I won’t forget to mention that I was also fascinated by the tiny mailbox cut-out. It was fairly easy to cut out and assemble, safe for the fact that if you do not have a xacto knife, cutting the openings in the mailbox can be a little tough, but I still managed to do it anyways!


I’d have to say that my favorite part of the kit were the stamps. Honestly, they are just so adorable and such great quality, it almost makes me want to just stamp everything with them! (Well, maybe not really, haha.) I also thought that the tiny newspapers were super cute as well and actually readable! (If you have good vision.) I totally found the horoscopes section and read mine, since that is really the only part of any newspaper that I read.

I definitely would use this Tiny Mail Kit again and would recommend it to anyone! It was a lot of fun to put together and it surely makes a cute, unique gift. Not only can you use it for making love letters, you could use it for anything you like such as writing letters to your friends and family as well.

I hope that you all will try out this awesome kit for yourselves! Use the coupon code LDRVIP10 to get a discount from the Leafcutter Design website at checkout. This cute gift is sure to make someone smile!

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