Thanksgiving In Toronto With John! (October 6th – 15th)

Tuesday (Oct 6)

   It kind of almost felt like just another regular day since I had to still go to work. xD But the difference was that I wouldn’t be going home alone that night!

   After finishing work, my mom picked me up and we were off to get John. Of course when he messaged me, the first thing he complained about was it being cold, haha. He had told me he was really hungry so we picked him up a donut and bagel from Tim Horton’s on the way there. 🙂

   We got back home, had something quick to eat and went straight back out to NoFrills to get some groceries since all I had at home was soup due to my wisdom teeth having just been extracted. I didn’t think he wanted to just eat soup, lmao. So we picked up quite a bit of food, headed back and made some chicken strips to munch on.

   Once it got closer to bedtime (I still had to work for this week) we tried to see if we could watch our Anime (Yu Yu Hakusho) on my ps3, but that didn’t end up working. So instead, we grabbed my laptop, cuddled up into bed together and watched an episode there before going to sleep. ♥


Wednesday (Oct 7)

   John decided to meet me kind of halfway as I was coming home from work. 🙂 It was soooooo great to be able to come home to him! We quickly ran into the Shoppers Drug Mart where he met up with me and bought some Orange soda for him, haha, as well as cash in my $6 I won from Cash for Life. xD I bought another 2 Cash for Lifes with it cause why not?

   After getting home, we scratched the cards and only won another $4, lmao. Then we made chicken strips (again) to snack on. About an hour after that John and I made Stroganoff together. Of course it turned out delicious because he is such a great cook, haha. ♥

   Once dinner was finished, we snuggled up on the couch to watch the season premiere of Supernatural! I was confused as heck because despite loving the show, I have not kept up with it, so I didn’t have a clue what was going on. But John loved it! And after that it was pretty much bedtime again… xD John wanted to download a game onto my laptop so he could play it while I was at work, so I let him do that and then he joined me in slumber once he was finished. ♥


Thursday (Oct 8)

   John woke up with me that morning and we ate breakfast together before he walked me to my bus stop for work. It made me really happy. 🙂

   He also came to pick me up from work with my mom and after getting home and having dinner, me, my mom and John went to WalMart. We were hoping to get him a winter coat since he doesn’t own one, haha. We didn’t end up finding any good ones though and decided we would try the mall instead on another day. We ended up just getting some ice cream, lmao.

   Once we got home John joined me and the family upstairs to watch the season premiere of The Flash. Then him and I watched a few episodes of Yu Yu Hakusho before I headed off to bed for the night.


Friday (Oct 9)

   Worked again today, booo! But at least it’s Friday and I now get 4 days off with John! 🙂

   Tonight was our date night so when I finished work I had to quickly get home so I could do my make-up (something I never do, haha) and get dressed.

   The movie that we picked out to see was called The Martian and it was waayy better then the both of us were expecting! It was absolutely fantastic and I highly recommend it, lol. 🙂
After the movie we went to one of my favorite restaurants called Jack Astors and we split a pizza, small bowl of pasta and a cookie.

   I love going on dates with him. 💗

   Now we are back at home. He’s laying beside me on YouTube while I do this, haha. 😛


Saturday (Oct 10)

   On Saturday John and I got up and got ready to head out to Vaughan Mills with my mom. We browsed a few stores for coats, none that were really any good either. Once again they were all too thin and had no furry inside. At one point we had stepped into a store called Toys, Toys, Toys and upon entering, I seen these cute stuffed Panda’s and picked one up to express how cute it was. John plucked it out of my hand and bought it for me. ♥ Then we went and cashed in the $6 I won from Cash For Life scratchcard, with which I bought 2 more and won $20, lmao! Not much, but better then nothing. 🙂 After that my mom spotted the Lindt Chocolate Shop and got excited to go in a get a free piece of chocolate. So we all went in and found out that they were having a 150 pieces of chocolate for $45 sale! John wanted to buy some so badly, he convinced me and my mom to split the cost with him, haha.

   After all of that we finally did manage to find John a coat that he liked and he even picked out a really nice shirt for me.

   Once we got back home, it was basically just a waiting game until Tammy came to pick us up for Halloween Haunt at Wonderland!

   I have never been to Halloween Haunt before, because I get scared easily so I don’t go to that type of stuff, haha. I know, I’m a scaredy-cat. ;^; Can’t help it! Anyways, Tammy had asked me though if John and I would like to go to Halloween Haunt with her. I knew John LOVES scary stuff and he had really been wanting to do something Halloween related together, so… Knowing how happy it would make him I sucked it up and agreed to go!

   And that all being said I actually had a really good time and plan on going again with him next year for sure!



Sunday (Oct 11)

   It was finally the day we were having our Thanksgiving dinner! I was really excited for John to meet the rest of my moms side of the family. I knew he was a little nervous about meeting so many of them at once, but I just had a feeling that everything would be fine. I had no doubt in my mind that they would all get along great.

   We slept in that morning quite a bit. xD When we got up we basically just had to get ready for when everyone would be arriving so we quickly took a shower and got dressed. We had a small snack since we wanted to keep ourselves hungry for the big dinner.

   Not too long after that, my best friend had text me asking when dinner would be ready. I told her around 3:30pm (super early dinner because some family couldn’t stay too late) and she proceeded to sort of panic thinking she might not be able to make it in time. Thankfully she did though because the estimated time for dinner got moved up to 3:00pm!

   After everyone finally arrived for dinner, I got to introduce John to all of them. 🙂 Well, some of them anyways, since my grandmother had started introducing him first, LOL. And when dinner was ready, we all sat down and enjoyed ourselves a great turkey dinner! Mashed potatoes, corn, buns, turkey (obviously), cranberries, stuffing and gravy! Yum!

   We all kind of just hung around and talked for about an hour or so after we finished eating dinner. Then it was time for dessert, which consisted of pumpkin pie, cheesecake and chocolate cake. I had a sliver of each, haha. 😛

   By the end of the evening, me and my bestie were watching John play checkers with my little brother after everyone else had left. They played a few games until my bestie left as well and then me and John went back to down to our basement to watch a few shows before heading off to bed.


Monday (Oct 12)

   John and I decided we wanted to try and make the most of Monday, since it was our last full day together. So we got up early in the morning and had our shower and breakfast. John wanted to go to the Halloween store that was around the corner from my house, so off we went! Of course only when we got there and found out that it was closed, did I remember that it was a holiday, lmao. Duh! So we decided to go for a nice walk instead. 🙂

   While we were walking, John was talking about how nice it was outside and that it would be a really great day to go to a park. I asked my mom if they wanted to go to the dog park with Hayley and no surprise, they all said yes! When me and John got back home, we waited for everyone to be ready and then we headed out.

   We all had a blast at the dog park, John really enjoyed seeing all the different types of dogs running around. Hayley had found herself a friend at one point. xD They ran around together for about a good half hour before the other dog had to leave. Not much to tell here because we simply just walked around and enjoyed the nice weather and watching all the dogs playing. 🙂

   After getting home from the dog park, we didn’t’ really do much else. We basically just made dinner together and then watched some Yu Yu Hakusho.


A Summary of Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

   Here’s the last bit of our October visit together.

   So Tuesday arrived and me and John were feeling pretty damn bummed. Obviously because it was the day he had to leave. I had booked that day off from work because I didn’t like the idea of having to just say bye to him quickly in the morning before rushing off to work and not being able to bring him to the airport.

   We woke up sort of early since we wanted to make the most of our last day, had breakfast and went over to the Halloween shop that was around the corner from my house. He had really wanted to go there. My mom and sister tagged along as well. We looked at all the decorations and tried on some hats, glasses and posed for pictures, haha.

   After that we just went back home and had some popeyes chicken while we watched some Yu Yu Hakusho until it was time to leave. Needless to say, I was crying while he packed up his bag and headed off to the airport.

   We got inside and went to check in for his flight (We were there about an hour and a half early for his 7:40pm flight) but for some reason it said that it wasn’t available for checking in anymore. I figured maybe we had to do it through an attendant, maybe we were there too late. So we went over to the attendant and to our surprise… His flight was NOT at 7:40pm, it was at 5:30pm! He had totally missed it after I somehow got the time mixed up…

   Obviously we were a mix of totally happy and upset at the same time, because this now meant we had to buy a new ticket… But the good thing about that is I used accumulated points from my Visa card and ended up paying next to nothing for a new ticket. This meant we got extra time together!

   Now you may be thinking, “Well, how is that bad?” Keep reading.

   We got home and spent the rest of the night together, happy as can be that we would now be getting more time then we thought. However, we weren’t really sure how much longer he could stay since we didn’t know when he was scheduled to work.

   On Wednesday, we found out that he was scheduled to work on Friday and Saturday. We were having a bit of trouble finding flight tickets for those days since using my points gives us limited options. And his GM at his work was being stupid and told him that if he doesn’t show up to work, he’d get points. So needless to say we were feeling pretty stressed out. But his manager who really likes him said that she would try to figure something out so he wouldn’t get those points. Wednesday night we watched Dear John and made plans that on Thursday night we would make smoothies for us and my parents and watch a movie with them. We were pretty excited about that, trying not to think about his work. However, we called his work again before they closed to find out if his manager succeeded, but unfortunately she didn’t… He was going to get those bad points if he didn’t show up. Cue stress again.

   Thursday morning we woke up together early (6:30AM) so that he could walk me to the bus stop for work. While I showered he got me a bowl of cereal ready and we looked one last time to see if there were any flights that had become available to get him home in time on Friday for work Friday evening. There wasn’t any. However… As I was getting dressed, John told me “There is a flight this morning that leaves at 11:30AM…” My heart completely sank and I was hoping that he wasn’t serious about taking that flight… Even though I knew it would be the wisest option so he didn’t get in trouble at work…

   Well, he was serious and I completely broke down in tears to the point I couldn’t even control it and felt sick to my stomach. It was just so sudden that he was leaving and rushed, I couldn’t even comprehend it. Obviously I ended up having to call work and telling them I would be late (All while bawling my eyes out on the phone :/) And we had to end up quickly packing his bags and heading out. I was distraught because I felt like I hadn’t had time to ready myself for him leaving. It was kind of just thrown on me. After he was gone, it had all happened so quickly that it honestly felt like he hadn’t even been there at all… I was pretty depressed for about a week after that…

   We did have an absolutely amazing visit though, that is for sure. And like always, we grew even closer and more in love.

   I just wish it wouldn’t have ended that way. But what can you do. He didn’t get in trouble at work and his manager was very happy to see that he showed up.

   Now we will just look forward to January.

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