Thanking The Stars

Because of the fact that I live in Canada and John lives in the USA, both October and November were pretty much times to think about what we are thankful for. Thanksgiving in Canada is celebrated in October, while the USA celebrates Thanksgiving in November. (John totally got to have a turkey dinner 2 times, so not fair! Haha.)

Quite obviously, I am thankful for my amazing family, for the job that I have and for the fact that I live in a safe country. But aside from all of that, I am very thankful for John. I thank the stars each and every night that I have him in my life.

What exactly am I thankful for in our relationship?


He tries his best for me

There are definitely times where I can be quite difficult to handle, sometimes I don’t even know how he does it or why he bothers. Sometimes I can over-react to things or take things a little too seriously. About a week ago he talked to me about this and it made me realize… He is constantly, always doing his best for me. He stays by my side through anything and he has not given up on me. I am forever thankful for this. But now it is also time for me to do my best for him and work on becoming a better me who doesn’t over-react to things or throw things out of proportion.

He talks to me everyday

Maybe this is a silly thing to be thankful for, but I do know that there are couples out there who don’t talk every day. Maybe they are okay with this, but I am one who likes to speak to my SO every day to know how they are doing and such. John talks to me each day to see how I am doing and to let me know how he is doing, so I am thankful very much for that.

I am thankful for his love

Above all else, I am thankful that John loves me. He loves me in the way that I have always wanted to be loved. From the way that he makes me laugh to the way that he shows his love physically and through actions. Though of course, since we are LDR, mostly through his actions. He loves playing games with me, watching shows together, being on Skype together. He gets excited when he can purchase a gift for me, however big or small it may be. He reminds me every day how much he loves me. He loves me in a way that can never be replaced.


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