Love Through Gaming

Who would have known that by simply playing a game, you could possibly meet the love of your life? Yeah, not really a likely story, right?


I, like two of my other friends, leffelovesdestrua & bummyldrcouple, met the love of my life through playing a video game.

Now, I don’t entirely know if many people would consider GaiaOnline to be a video game (I know that I don’t) but it is a roleplaying website and it is where I met John. However, despite the fact that this is where we technically met, I will not be talking about GaiaOnline, for our relationship didn’t really develop there. Our relationship developed over the Xbox 360, where we spent numerous hours playing video games together and getting to know one another.

One of the first games that John and I played together, on his demand, was Dark Souls II.

Before I had even started talking privately to John, I learned very quickly through all the comments in the roleplay group chat that this was one of his most favorite games. So it wasn’t all that much of a surprise when it was the game he asked me to play with him. Not thinking too much of it, I agreed. I had the game already from a long time ago and still had not beat it. (I also had Dark Souls I and Demon Souls, which I also hadn’t beat yet)

Why had I not beat them yet? Because they are very, very frustrating!

Now, despite the fact that Dark Souls II (and all the souls games for that matter) is a very frustrating game to play and will probably have you sitting there raging sometimes and wanting to throw your controller, John and I had an absolute blast playing it together (and still do) and quite a few laughs as well! It was a great game for us to play because you can go through the whole entire story playing together. We talked through headsets with each other on the Xbox 360 which made it that much more fun.

Basically the Souls game series is a hack & slash game. You go through the dungeons, beat the bosses, collect souls. If you die, you start all the way back at the beginning of the last checkpoint and lose all your souls with a chance of regaining them if you can make it back to where you died. (Did I mention this game can be very maddening?) Oh and most of the time you can be killed in just 3 hits, hah! But I assure you, we had fun with it! I may have driven him a little bit crazy, but that is okay.

  Gameplay videos! > 

Next, after finishing those games, we took a shot at playing Diablo 3 together, also on the Xbox 360. This game is probably my favorite so far that we have played together! Again, it is one that you can play together through the whole story. It is another hack & slash game, run through dungeons and beat the bosses. If you follow, it has a great storyline and there are a decent amount of character classes for you to try out! My personal favorite ended up being the Witch Doctor. John and I have played this game for a countless amount of hours.

Gameplay video! > 

Another game that we have played together, which should come as no surprise, is Minecraft. We played the Xbox 360 version however, since his laptop wasn’t able to run it too well. But nonetheless, it is still just as fun! You are placed in the middle of this huge world where you can bring your creative imagination to life. Well… Not exactly bring something to life, but you can pretty much build anything you can think of. Seriously, I watched a video of a group of people who actually built a giant, functioning toilet (The masterpiece). We started small, by just building a house together, but then branched out and started building small towns everywhere connected by minecart trains!

Also, it is the best way ever to surprise your SO with something cute! You can build something for them in the world and when they log in they will see it.


We have not played this one as much as of yet, but I will mention it for those Dragonball fans out there. Dragonball Xenoverse XV is an arcade fighting style game that is also fun to play together. You can somewhat customize your own character and fight through many different quests together.

I think that is about all of the console games we have played together so far.

I would like to make a special mention of one computer game we played together, simply because I am a huge Pokemon fan and I thought that this was absolutely amazing! I was browsing the web one day, wanting to see if there was such thing as a Pokemon MMO that John and I could play together. Much to my surprise, I actually found one! PokeMMO! It is basically just like playing the Pokemon games on gameboy, but now you can play it with other people too!

Just follow the instructions on the download page, meet up with your SO in the starting town and begin your Pokemon journey together!

This is a gaming collaboration post with leffelovesdestrua! Please ~!Click Here!~ to read her post! 🙂

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