John & Marissa: Part Deux (April 3rd – 5th)

– The first few days leading up to Marissa’s visit I could barely contain my anticipation. After how well our first meeting went, I couldn’t wait to see her a second time. On the day of her arrival I woke up early, got the three S’s out of the way, and then tried to do absolutely anything to kill the time until she arrived. As soon as I saw the saw, seen-better-days cab pull up in front of my apartment I rushed out in my socks and gave her a big hug. Life felt pretty great.

– Marissa and I basically picked right back up where we left off in the last adventure. At this point I have to say that all of the discord with my family that had me stressed just melted away. After some much needed catching up we decided to head out for a walk and grab some lunch; she was tired and hungry and I’m always hungry, like my spirit animal is just a fat guy in line at McDonald’s. We decided to try out Lenny’s Subs. I give that place an A+ for service and food quality. As well as fantastic photo opportunities. [insert picture of Marissa stuffing away half a sub]

– After lunch we decided to do a little shopping. I wanted to show her around some of my favorite little stores (and pick up some new shoes for myself). We walked and talked for hours and I have never felt so relaxed with anyone. The first store we got to is called DD’s discounts, a small shop that replaced the old thrift store from the 90s. Lots of good prices on clothes and shoes. There I got some great 20 dollar shoes in a size that ended up being just a little too big for me, but I liked them that way. The rest of the day we just hung out in my apartment and played games.

– On Easter Sunday Marissa decided she wanted to go see the botanical gardens. I’m a big nature lover so I was totally down for that, but unfortunately they were holding an egg hunt that shut most of the place down. Bummer, but we did score some badass selfies in front of the blossom trees. I’m the least photogenic person in the world, so when I say “badass” I mean “I look like Alf Alfas doofy cousin.”

– From there we took a long walk around the park and admired the beauty of the area, but with passing trains and cars there wasn’t much serenity to be found. Did I mention I’m a boring writer?

– The next day we woke up early and called a cab to go get breakfast at Perkins. And holy flaming fatpeople on unicycles it was the best food ever. Strawberry waffles, bacon, hashbrowns, eggs…if I mixed it all together into a flavor of breakfast bar it would simply be called “Candy of the Gods”. Oh and the haircuts were pretty great too I guess, at least I didn’t end up looking stupid. I should say Marissa was terrified I was gonna get my head shaved. whatevs

– VIDYA GAMES came next as we dropped into the local gamestop. I ogled the xboxs and playstations and we eventually decided on  some stuff to get. I got an old game and Far Cry 4 (lots of time lost to that fantastic gem) and Marissa got Farmville or something I don’t know. I guess some people dream of defeating gods, wielding unstoppable weapons and being so incredibly explosively and badass that John Rambo sheds a tear and gets an erection, while others want to get married and raise cattle. watevs

– AT THE MALL. It’s at this point I should say I had no idea Oakcourt Mall was even a thing, but I guess that’s what happens when you bury half the mall underground and surround it with furniture stores like a five year olds pillow-fort. Plenty of exploring was to be had in there, and we even saw someone dressed as the Easter Bunny! I tried not to imagine some scrawny, strung out guy doing rails of coke in the bathroom while wearing half a bunny costume and wondering where it all went wrong.

– Our story has a bittersweet ending as the end of Sunday rolled around. She cried and took lots of pictures with me and the better people in my family. Having to load up her bags into the cab while the cabbie looked on with a crooked smile and a cold wind swept by was one of the hardest things to do. Watching her ride off in that cab without me as the rain started… well. I guess that is the problem with long distance, the longing and feeling of fleetingness to the meetings. Hopefully someday soon I won’t have to watch her ride out of my life again.

* A recounting of the tale with a few details excluded. 

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