In An Argument?

So you’ve gotten into a little argument with your SO and you’re probably pretty upset about it. After all, let’s face it, even when you get mad at them, you still love them to pieces! Haha. And being mad at someone who you love to pieces is certainly no fun at all.

I know there are some people out there who think if couples fight, they are probably not right for each other. But I find this to be untrue. Obviously if they are fighting constantly and/or do not fight in a healthy way, then yes, they are probably not a good match. However, if a couple fights every now and then and they know how to handle it in a healthy way, then I think it is absolutely fine. After all, you are with this person all the time and you love them, surely at some points it is only natural to have a little bicker.

That all being said, I’d like to provide a bit of advice to consider when you and your SO find yourself in a bit of a pickle.

Step back, take a breath

Sometimes it can be a good idea to step away from the situation before you say anything. Perhaps tell your partner that you need a moment to gather your thoughts so you can properly speak your mind. If you immediately blow up, you may say things to hurt your SO, things that you don’t mean or even say things that don’t really entirely make sense to you. Sometimes you need to calm yourself down and figure out how to explain your feelings in a way that your SO will understand.

Try to understand

There may be certain things that you don’t understand why your SO is getting mad about. At times like these, you really need to just listen to your partner and try to come to an understanding. Even if you have to ask them to explain it to you more than once. Try putting yourself in their shoes and seeing it from their POV or asking yourself how you would feel if they did what you did.

Their feelings count

This is very important. Just because your SO is getting upset or mad about something that wouldn’t make YOU upset or mad, doesn’t mean that their feelings become invalid! I think this is something that most people fail to realize. Just because you wouldn’t be upset about it, doesn’t mean that your SO shouldn’t either or won’t. If they are upset or mad, then no matter how you feel about it, you need to be willing to make a compromise.

Don’t text, call instead

I find that sticking to texting during an argument can get really frustrating, really fast, and potentially cause even more problems since it is very easy to read things the wrong way. It’s best to call them and talk to them over the phone. This way, they can hear the tone of your voice and things may be easier to explain. If you can, go on webcam together as well. Seeing them may help you to calm down and it’s easier to tell how they feel when you can actually see their expressions.

I hope that this advice will prove to be helpful for you! I know it definitely helps me and John.


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