A Christmas In January

Whenever I think of winter, the first thing that comes to my mind is… Christmas!


I definitely have to say that Christmas is my most favorite time of the year. (Though I may have already said this publicly quite a few times, haha!)

I love hearing the Christmas music over the radio, save for the annoying/bad ones. 😛 I love all the delicious goodies that come out for this time of year and I love baking over the holidays. I love spending time with my family watching Christmas movies. Buying people gifts, wrapping them, and then watching their faces light up with joy when they open them. Decorating the Christmas tree… Pretty just everything Christmas!

Knowing all of that, it’s no doubt that I am very upset about the fact that John couldn’t come and visit during the Christmas holidays so we could spend it together and ring in the new year together. (Another thing that I love!)

Instead, we have had to compromise and agree on enjoying our own little January Christmas since he will be coming on January 7th! Which I am totally okay with since it is better than nothing.  Though it does mean that I will unfortunately be working most of the time that he is here. But hey, I’ll take what I can get, right?

Anyways, as far as I know, this is our plan for our January Christmas!

John is arriving here on January 7th which is a Thursday. With the assumption that my work will allow me to have the Friday, January 8th off, that is the day we will be celebrating!

I’d like to wake up kind of early in the morning, maybe around 8AM or 9AM, this way we can make a nice breakfast together. My tree will already be up with all our gifts underneath, waiting to be open. But before we open any, I’d like to sit on the couch together with some hot chocolate, all the lights turned off except for on the tree and the fireplace, and watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation together. This movie is basically a family tradition and we watch it every year on Christmas Eve. So, since John won’t be there to watch it with us, I’d love to at least watch it with him when he is here.


After watching the movie, that is when we can sit down together and open our gifts! Once the gifts have been opened, I am sure we will probably be fiddling around with our new ‘toys’, haha. And then we will more than likely just play some games together or maybe even watch some more Christmas movies.

In the evening, that is when we will be going with my family to our favorite restaurant! The Mandarin. It is a big fancy, Chinese buffet that we have also made a tradition of going to every year on New Year’s Eve. This year however, I had asked if they wouldn’t mind waiting until John would be here, and I was very happy when they agreed!


Obviously it is not guaranteed that the day will go exactly as I wrote here, but nonetheless it will still be amazing and I absolutely can’t wait.

I’d love to hear how everyone else is spending their holidays with their SO as well! Please feel free to share. 🙂


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