He Told Me He Loves Me! May 29th, 2015

So, yeah. John told me he loves me for the first time on Friday. 😀 It was honestly unexpected and out of the blue.

I had been waiting for him to say it first, because well… He had told me before that he doesn’t just throw that word around. I had almost said it to him a few times on instinct, but I held back. I was afraid of making him feel awkward or anything…

When he finally said it to me, the feeling I experienced was almost indescribable.  (*/ω\*) It felt so amazing, because I knew he meant it. And hadn’t just said it “because that’s just what couples say to each other”. (Which is kind of another reason I waited… >.>; ) 

At first I was honestly kinda like… Speechless and confused. And I was sitting there thinking like “Uh.. What? D: Um, is he just saying that cause he’s super happy right now, what!?” But then I know he wouldn’t just say that, as he told me before. So I had to take a moment to let what he had finally just said sink in. I nervously said that I loved him too~ And then he revealed that he had been wanting to say that for a while, but was scared of how I would react. Which is crazy, because obviously I love him too!  (*/ω\*)

And let me just say that I was experiencing a mass amount of butterflies in my tummy and might have even almost started crying. (No really, I did kinda tear up a bit because I was so damn happy >.>)

   Now that I can say it freely, I feel even happier then before. I can finally just say it. And I loooove when he does too. It makes me all fuzzy inside! xD

I love him soooooo much and I am totally going to fight for this relationship. He came into my life so unexpectedly and I never want him to leave…

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