He Brightens Up My Life


   A word that means something entirely different for every single person and every couple on Earth.


   For some individuals, it could mean traveling and meeting all sorts of new people. It could mean spending Friday nights out with your friends at the club or at a party. Learning a new language on your own. Perhaps it could mean staying in and knitting a scarf.

   For some couples, it might mean cooking together. Taking long walks, exercising. For others, it might be just staying indoors and playing video games or watching movies together. Every couple is different and has those certain things that they do together that make them happy. And then there are things that your significant other says or does that makes you happy as well. Whether it’s calling you all sorts of different endearing nicknames or simply just telling you that they love you.

   In my opinion, happiness never means the same thing to everyone. One person might be happy while solving math problems, while another would find that to be the most boring thing in the world. (Such as myself, haha!)

   There have been many things in my lifetime that have made me happy. My family, my friends. I’ve enjoyed going on vacations with them all. Sometimes just hanging out at home and chatting into the night with my best friend. Going to concerts with my sister. Spending Christmas and New Years with my friends and family each year.
But John… Despite the distance between us on a map, he has made me feel a kind of happiness that I do not even know how to explain. It is an endless feeling of joy, just knowing that I have him in my life. Knowing that he loves me…

   What is it about John that makes me happy? Let me tell you.


• He simply just wants to make me happy.
   Whether he is playing a game, watching a show/movie, or even just going for a walk, he’s always thinking about me. He always comes to me, expressing how excited he is to show me something or take me somewhere that he thinks I will like. If I am ever feeling down, he’s there on the camera with me in seconds, doing anything he can to make me smile. Our disagreements are talked about and a solution is found as soon as possible, for he cannot bear to be upset with me.

• He doesn’t give up on me.
   I admit, I have gotten angry with him over stupid things. I hate it and it is something about myself that I am trying to better for him. He does not deserve it and it breaks my heart knowing I make him so upset over such stupid things. Yet, despite this, never has he walked away on me. He stays and talks to me and isn’t afraid to tell me straight up that I am being unreasonable.

• The attention he gives me.
   I love it. I love waking up in the morning to see a message from him. How he talks to me throughout the day. How each night, he says goodnight to me before bed. I love how he always asks me to do things with him. The silly things he says, such as “Oooh, it’s okay! I’ll just play by my lonesome self, I understand!” when he knows I am not busy, but haven’t started playing a game with him yet. Haha. It is a constant reminder of how much he truly loves spending time with me.

• The first time he told me he loves me and all the times after that.
   The first time he said those three words to me, I almost started crying. Well… Let’s be honest. I actually sort of did start crying. The kind of happy cry that isn’t experienced all that often, at least not by me. I finally knew that he felt the same way I did about him. Every time he says “I love you” I get all these butterflies. I am so happy that he loves me.

• All those endearing names.
   He has so many cute little nicknames for me and it absolutely makes my heart flutter! I just love, love, love it so much! Cupcake, babycakes, snugglekins, cuddlebear, sweetheart, love muffin, honeybear, my sweet, sweetness… The list goes on!

• He talks about a future with me.
   This is one thing that definitely makes me very happy. When he talks about the future, he always includes me. He always talks about how things will be when we finally live together and we sometimes joke about how things will be when we have kids. It shows me how much he truly does care about me, how happy I make him and how much he wants to be with me.


   These are just a few things about him that make me happy. There are many more, too much to write. And even some reasons that just simply can’t be explained.

   He makes me happy because he is simply himself. He cares about me, he is always there for me, and he loves me in a way that nobody else does.

That alone makes me the happiest person in the world. ♥