Flying Home

The moment I was on the plane for the first time, going to Toronto, I felt like I was living in a dream. Everything Marissa and I had been working for was coming to frution. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. Things like this never really happen to me, so I had this thought that the plane might crash before I ever saw Toronto.

But it didn’t. I endured both my plane rides and arrived in Canada hungry, aching and very happy. Walking down the hall of Toronto-Pearson felt like walking on air because I knew that soon I would have Marissa in my arms again and get to explore her world, so to speak. Meeting her on the platform made my heart skip, because then I knew that this was really happening. I wanted to kiss her right there but instead I just wrapped her up in a hug and walked with her to the family van. I wasn’t sure how I felt about kissing her in front of her family – it felt kind of embarrassing. Meeting her mother and sister showed me that I really didn’t have to worry about that though.

Her family is very relaxed – and in some ways reminds me of my own family, back when we were all close.

   Day 1: Got back to her house and the first thing I noticed was how clean everything smelled, though it was a little warm. Marissa’s apartment in the bottom was cool, clean and being in there with her somehow lifted my spirit. I often long to be back there with her – it was like my fantasies had been made reality. So once I was settled in we went and changed my super awesome U.S currency for funny plastic monopoly money, then went grocery shopping. Can you believe these savages have to bag their own groceries?! Ha-rumph! Dinner was fantastic!

   Day 2: On the second day we woke up late (lol) and went with her sister to a little Japanese place called Shiitake. The food was fantastic, but the customer service was pretty impersonal. Once our “Order was Send” we got some of the best food I’ve ever eaten, besides the salmon sushi which tasted like dining on worn out bikers chaps. After we left there we went home and relaxed before heading out to see Jurassic World! Despite some hilarious plot-holes the movie was a non-stop thrill ride that I could watch many times over. After the movie, Marissa, her friends and me all went to a restaurant called Boston Pizza. Many laughs punctuated with awkward silences were had! Pizza there was fantastic btw. 10/10 

   Day 3: I am not quite sure how we got on the topic of Marissa’s dad being a golfer, but I think it started out as a sweet conversation about ramping golfcarts over midgets, needless to say I asked her if she could convince her dad to take us to the range. Surprise surprise, we actually did get to go golfing! While on the range I learned quite a bit about proper handling of a club and smashed a few balls! THIS ISN’T EVEN A TESTICLE JOKE! I totally sent a golf ball 175 yards on my twentieth attempt! My beautiful girlfriend was kind enough to record those special shots for me. I would also like to mention that she is a better golfer than me and I’m okay with this. The next part of our day was me getting to go to my first Tim Hortons. It was like Dunken Donuts but without the homeless people sleeping in the booths. Marissa and I shared a delicious Reese’s Peanut Butter Donut and it was heaven in my mouth. After that we went to Vaughan Mills Mall and I gorged myself on tacos with Marissa. We wandered around the mall, enjoyed chocolate, video game shopping, and bought me all kinds of clothes. All in all, an eventful day. One I won’t ever forget.

   Day 4: Eaton Center Mall was so large that it boggled my mind. The only thing that could compare is Mall of America, or this Mall I went to in Gatlinburg Tennessee that I can’t remember the name of. It was like a mall/palace. We explored many shops, including a book shop called Indigo that I’m pretty sure I could live inside forever and be totally content. Marissa and I went half and half on H.P Lovecrafts Necronomicon, which I ended up bringing home with me. Still an incredible read that I doubt I’ll ever really finish. Besides the extravagant inside of the mall there was also Downtown Toronto. Every aspect of it reminded me of New York City. Oh the sights we saw were incredible. After the Mall we took a few trains to the C.N Tower – which is incredibly huge up close – and the Aquarium. By this point I was pretty tired, but being with Marissa kept me energized and happy. Once we got in we saw this 7 foot tall fellow that made everyone feel like an ant and then she took ten bazillion hours in the washroom. Powdering her nose, getting a full manicure, and whatever else women do in the bathroom that consumes copious amounts of time without reason. Once we were underway we explored the aquarium. I am not big into fish, but sharks are pretty boss so I really liked seeing them. The walkways winding underneath the exhibits also made for great backdrops for pictures. I also totally touched some of the sea life. At the end of the day I bought Marissa a shark because she’s fucking awesome. I can’t stress that fact enough.

   Day 5:
First we went to Walmart and bought some clothes and swim trunks for me, then we went to a very fancy grocery store called Fortinos. This place was the shit and had pretty much anything you could want to eat. The only thing they didn’t have was Oakry, which I hate anyway but was strange not seeing in the veggie section. When we wrapped that up and got home we got dressed up for our date night and took some nice pictures. First on the agenda was seeing Ant-Man. I had never seen any trailers about the movie or knew its release date – we just saw it on a spur of the moment. And wow, I was blown away by how funny and fun that movie was. I would definitely recommend it to anybody on the fence about seeing it! Still can’t top Jurassic World. Once the movie was finished we took a few buses to The Keg – a very nice steakhouse. The food was incredible and spending a nice evening with Marissa made me feel like my dreams were coming true. My only regret was trying the Watermelon Mojito. Do not recommend unless you enjoy the taste of mouthwash. I am pretty sure we went to bed early that night, happy, full, and content. <3

   Day 6: WONDERLAND! At no point in my life have I actually had the pleasure of going to an amusement park. I’d never ridden a roller-coaster before either. All of this changed when we arrived at Wonderland. While I was way more interested in going to their water park, riding those roller coasters was a thrilling and exciting experience I can’t forget. If only I wasn’t so tall that breathing was difficult when I was all strapped into the seat. After the roller-coasters we got some food and then made a B-Line for the water park. I got all changed into my bitchin awesome swim trunks and flexed my TOTALLY RIPPED MUSCLES which made Marissa pass out not once, but twice from how goddamn sexy I was. We went on many of the water rides but most of our time was spent waiting in line or in the large wave pool. I loved the wave pool – if only I wasn’t so rusty at swimming. Oh well. I could always use Marissa as a floatation device in case of an emergency. I guess her being cute and adorable made her float better.

Closing Days:

After the first week I was all out of cash to do anything, which was okay, because I’d really only come there to be with Marissa. There are things you can look at while in a relationship to determine if it’s working. The number one thing is whether or not you two are bonding as a couple or bonding over experiences. People that bond over experiences don’t tend to stay together long, because doing things and hobbies fade away over time. A bond built between two people can be strengthened by just being close to each other. I know that I have a bond with her because just spending the day cooking, cleaning, playing games and living makes me feel great about the relationship. Most of our last few days were spent hanging out and just… being near each other. And that was perfectly okay! On the Friday before I asked her family if we could do a cookout – and they agreed. It was honestly very surprising to me since I come from a family that is all about how much they don’t have to do or what they can put off until everyone forgets. I love her family in that they are active, honest and hard working people. These are qualities that I also love in Marissa. The food was fantastic as was the company. I was the one that managed to get the fire going for the s’mores too, which I will be eternally smug about now. That night we also played this game called Beanboozled – a game which involves a tasty jelly bean and one that tastes like ass. Of course I got all the bad ones and enjoyed them, because I’m a badass.

   On the Saturday before I left, Marissa and I went out for a drink and some putt-putt golf. I totally would have won if not for a few lucky shots she made. I think we also played some Air Hockey but I don’t remember the score, pretty sure I won anyways. Whatever I’m great. ♥ (Note: All of the previous sentences are lies – I play putt-putt like I have autism, and she made me look dumb on the air hockey table.)

Sunday sucked. Not only could I not hear but it was the day I was leaving – the only not sucky part of that day was playing Demon Souls and going to a chicken restaurant. I had a long conversation with Marissa’s grandmother – a sweet old lady that wishes us nothing but the best and is a good listener. The food was good and her and I talked about a lot of things. We both tried to ignore the fact that by that night I would be back home. Leaving Toronto was the hardest thing I’ve ever done – it felt like leaving the home I had always wanted and flying away from the person I want to be with. I’m going to feel it again and again until I can figure out how to close the distance. The plane ride home was kind of shitty and very lonely, and getting home I got my first taste of being back in Memphis when a taxi driver tried to scam me. Being at home and sleeping in my own bed felt kind of empty. I can’t wait until my next trip out there.

I’m sure it will be fantastic. ♥

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