First Time For John In Toronto! (July 17th – 26th)

If you would like to read John’s POV of our visit, please see “Flying Home

This visit had caused us a lot of stress because of how long it took for him to get his passport… But he finally got it and when he sent me the picture of him holding it in his hand, I booked his flight for the next week! 🙂 I cannot even express how happy we were that we were finally going to see each other after what felt like 3 horribly long months! He came from July 17 – July 26.


Friday 17 & Saturday 18;

So there hasn’t been too much excitement going on just yet, haha. Friday when he got here we basically just went grocery shopping at the nofrills across the street. John said that everything was way too yellow, lmao.

Yesterday, Saturday, we went for sushi at this restaurant called Shiitake with my sister. We ordered a looooot and ended up having to take some home as leftovers, rofl. John tried sushi with raw fish in it for the first time, but he didn’t like it too much.

Then we went to see Jurassic World with my best friend. They got along great which made me happy and the movie was fantastic! I loved it and so did John. Afterwards we went to Boston Pizza which was yummy and then back home where we had a sangria upstairs with my parents. He also gets along really well with my family and I am soooo happy about that!

Today we are going to the driving range with my dad so I will be updating about that perhaps tomorrow.

Sunday 19;

We went to the driving range with my dad. John had a great time and it was so nice to watch my dad teaching him and seeing how well they got along. My dad told me that he liked John, that made me so happy to hear!
John did really well for his first time hitting golf balls too! So that made him even more happy, haha. And then you have me who totally kept missing and not hitting them right. Oh and I also got a really bad sunburn.

After that we went to Tim Hortons for a snack. Yum!

We got back home and then went right back out again to Vaughan Mills mall with my mom, cousin and siblings. Not much went on there other then shopping. John actually helped me pick out a new wallet and then we went and got him a nice new dress shirt along with just a regular shirt and two pairs of shorts.

Then we pretty much just came home, made some dinner (pizza dip) and went to bed.

Today we went downtown Toronto, but I will update about that tomorrow because I am suuuuper tired and Johnny is already passed out beside me, haha.

Monday 20;

This was Aquarium day! We were up at 8am and out by 10am to head downtown. It was John’s first time riding a subway train, I think he enjoyed it, haha. We met up with my grandmother. I think she liked John and he said that she reminded him of his aunt. What I did not appreciate though is the way she apparently tried her absolute best to put doubts in our heads by saying it’s super hard to get into Canada and she doubts he would get in… It almost made me cry at one point because I didn’t want to keep talking about it…

Anyways, first we headed to the Eatons center and did some shopping there. Me and John reached the other end of the mall from the subway and he seen Old City Hall outside. So I took him out to go see it and took some pictures.

Then I took him to the big Indigo book store back in the mall cause he really wanted to go. He got a big book called the Necronomicon, lol. After everyone was done at the mall, we then headed for ramen at a place called Kenzo (John loved it) and then to Ripleys Aquarium!

I think John enjoyed it a lot. We all went through and seen all the stuff there is to see in an aquarium.

When we got to the part of it where you walk through the giant tank, he was taking tons of pictures and videos, lol.

Afterwards when we were done, me and him went into the little gift shop and he surprised me by buying me a stuffed shark! 💗

Tuesday 21;

We woke up and soon after my mom was telling us she was ready to go to Fortinos and WalMart. We needed to go to WalMart to get John some new shoes and swim trunks and a backpack. And Fortinos was just because he wanted to see our fancy grocery store, lol. WalMart was nothing special, but he was impressed with Fortinos. We ended up getting a lemon cake from there which we have yet to try.

After all that we went back home and put the stuff we got away.

We went upstairs and John played some CoD with my little brother, Sean.

A couple hours later we got ready for our date night. He wanted to see me all dressed up nice with makeup, cause I usually never put makeup on, lol. So I did and he said I looked absolutely beautiful. And he looked so handsome in his new dress shirt. 💓

First we went to see Ant-Man, which him and I thought was actually pretty fantastic! And then we headed over to a steak house called The Keg. It’s a really nice restaurant with the best steaks in my opinion. I got my usual Filet Mignon and John got their Top Sirloin. He looooved it. Both dishes were delicious.

Wednesday 22;

Wonderland day! John was most excited for this day, mostly because he wanted to go to the water park.

Got up at 8:30am because we planned on getting out early, but didn’t actually get out the door until 11:30am, lmao.

Once we got there I took him on 2 roller coasters, we got poutine and then he wanted to head over to the water park. Where we spent the next 4 hours. We went in the wave pool, on some water slides and in the lazy river. It was a lot of fun. Unfortunately we also got very sunburned.

Once the water park closed we went and got Cookies n Cream Funnel Cake. I told him we couldn’t leave without having a funnel cake, lol. He said it was absolutely delicious and that he wishes he could just have it all the time, haha.

After getting back home we had received our package that we were hoping for in the mail. Two wooden charm necklaces with Ontario engraved on one and Tennessee engraved on the other.

Thursday 23;

So on Thursday we did not do very much, lol. It was mostly just our relaxation day. Made some pancakes in the morning and then basically just sat around for the rest of the day playing games. We did go out to the store around the corner to get some munchies but that was pretty much it. 😛 We watched two space documentaries that I actually found pretty interesting before we went to bed.

Friday 24;

Friday we had a backyard BBQ. But that wasn’t until the evening. During the day we basically just played games again. I made some Kraft Dinner for our brunch so that John could try it, haha. He said it was fantastic and tasted so much better then the one in the US. 5pm rolled around and that’s when we all went outside for burgers, chicken and hot dogs. After that we all kind of just chatted and mingled and then had s’mores. After we all came back inside, my little sister came downstairs because she wanted John to do the Bean Boozled challenge with my little brother, lmao. Before we knew it, everyone was down in my basement to watch John, my brother and my cousin do the challenge. xD



< Picture for those of you who do not know what the Bean Boozled game is. 🙂




Saturday 25;

Needless to say, we were both not very happy this day. It was our last full day together… And again, we didn’t really do too much. We just played some more games and then went over to the store again. John wanted to get a bag of Ruffles Poutine flavored chips and a box of Kraft Dinner to bring back home. For the most part I watched him play Demon Souls and we also played some Dark Souls as well. (Totally forgot to mention that we went mini putting this day as well, haha. I kicked his butt! 😛 It was a lot of fun.)

Sunday 26;

I didn’t enjoy waking up this morning because I knew that tonight I would be going to bed without him here… 🙁

Being our last day, we woke up sort of early. We spent some more time together on Dark Souls and made sure that he had everything packed and wasn’t forgetting anything. Then since I had $55 in gift cards for a restaurant, we headed out to Swiss Chalet for lunch. I got my usual quarter chicken and he got some chicken tenders. We also shared an ice cream sundae. 🙂

After getting home there wasn’t much time left… We played a bit more Dark Souls and then just cuddled for a while before gathering his stuff and going upstairs for him to say bye to the family. The drive to the airport felt absolutely awful. I hated knowing that I was going to be getting back home without him there. I tried my best not to cry but I just couldn’t help it. Watching him walk through the customs line and then disappear felt horrible. It’s like an emptiness and you don’t even know what to do with yourself.


All in all though, this was our best visit yet and there are definitely so many more to come. It’s hard saying bye to them, even when you know you will see them again soon. But after how amazing this week was, how great he treats me and how well we get along… I know it is so, so worth it. I love him so much, even more now than when he arrived here. More with each passing day. And one day, we won’t have to say bye to each other. One day I will pick him up from the airport and he will never have to leave my side again. ♥

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