Just a little something that I wrote…

   “Everyday, each morning that I wake up, he is the first thing that is on my mind. Even if I wake up momentarily during the night. He is always the first person I think about.

   Everyday, I wish that he was here with me. Doing and experiencing everything together. I long to be able to just kiss him when I feel like it. Hug him, cuddle with him. Maybe even jokingly annoy him every now and then.

    Everyday, I imagine what it would be like to have him here with me all the time. Cuddled on the couch together watching movies. Cooking meals together. Walking hand in hand. Playing video games.

    And everyday, each night before I go to sleep, he is the last person I say goodnight too. The last person who is on my mind. Wishing that he was there in that empty space on my bed where he belongs.

   It is hard. But everyday is also another one that passes to bring us closer to the day when we see each other again. And those are the days I will forever cherish.

   Until the time when we can close the distance and never have to leave each other’s side again.” ♥


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