Anime North 2015/Passport Troubles

    So, I was at Anime North this past weekend, May 22 – May 24! I have to say it was pretty great, but it was also a pretty bad weekend too…

    First of all, on Thursday, the day before Anime North, John had received a letter about his passport. They told him that he had to send extra information. Apparently he needed 5, but the website only said that we needed 2… Don’t know what’s up with that. But either way… We were hit with the possibility that he might now not be able to get his passport in time for the date we had booked and paid for already, which was June 12.

    Anyways, I decided to still work on Friday, even though most people probably would have taken the day off to go to Anime North early instead. >.>; But I didn’t really feel the need to go early since things didn’t really even start happening until later anyways, so I worked and made my money. xD Afterwards, my bestie (Nika) met up with me at my house, we packed our shit and off to the convention we went! We checked into our hotel, which unfortunately was a half hour walk from the actual convention. Kinda sucked but I guess it wasn’t that bad. After we were checked in and dropped our stuff off in our room, we got a ride over to the TCC. A long time friend (Rory) of Nika’s had come to finally visit aaaaall the way from Vancouver! So that was pretty cool to get to meet him! 🙂 As we were walking towards the dealer’s room, that was when I got a message from John on Skype. I could tell he was really upset… So I asked Nika to excuse me for a few minutes so I could call him.

    Not really having a quiet place that I could go to nearby, the washroom was the next best thing, haha. Went in there and gave John a call and he was so upset, telling me that he had to do a bunch of different stuff in order to fix his passport to get it, and that he pretty much 100% would not have it in time. I wasn’t really sure at the time what to say to him, but I tried my best to just calm him down and tell him that everything would be okay. I told him to just try his very best to get everything done as soon as he could. I talked to him for about half an hour before finally letting him go and going back out to Rory and Nika. From here, at some point before we got into the dealer’s room, we ran into another friend of ours, Eric. Or 20150530_183520Mr. Hat as we sometimes call him, haha. He’s a pretty hilarious guy and fun to hang out with. xD Anyways, so we got into the dealer’s room and did a lot of walking around. There were quite a few things that were pretty cool. Walking up to the one table, I seen these ADORABLE little alpaca plushies for only $16! I did not hesitate at all to buy one. I picked out my favorite one which was the light blue one! ISN’T IT SO CUTE!?

    Anyways… >.>; …

    We didn’t really do much else that night. Eric drove us back to our hotel because he is awesome like that! 😀 He wasn’t staying in our hotel with us though, so he went home. Neither was Rory, but he came up to hang out for a bit longer. Didn’t do too much other then watch some weird ass kids show about witches, lmfao. And snack on the chocolate and strawberry pocky that we bought. Yum! I also gave John a call again. I had done a lot of thinking about the whole passport ideal and finally knew sort of what to say. I told him that if he doesn’t get his passport in time, that we could just change the plan and I would go to Memphis again instead. So either way, he would still get to see me. I think this made him feel a little better. We talked for about an hour (During which Rory left for the night and Nika was adding the finishing touches to her Eureka cosplay) and then I let him go for the night.

    Saturday morning when I awoke, I was surprised as heck to see that Nika was already up and showered, lmfao! (Trust me, this is a very rare thing… >.>) I waited for just a little while as she was getting her cosplay ready and everything. Then I finally got out of bed and jumped into the shower. By the time I got out, Rory was walking through the door, Nika was done up in her cosplay and so was our roomie, Danielle. (I don’t remember the characters name she dressed up as D; )

    We headed out and did our 20 minute walk to the Sheraton hotel where we caught the shuttle bus over to the TCC. Met up with Eric again and went about our usual routine of walking around the dealer’s room, lol. At some point, Nika had to go pick up something from someone. Rory went with her and me and Eric stayed in the dealer’s room to look around some more. I rea20150523_155056lly wanted to get something for John and I know he is a big fan of Dragon Ball Z (ick xD) So Eric helped me look around for t-shirts. We managed to find some, which was awesome! I purchased the one he liked the most and they also gave me a free Dragon Ball Z keychain as well. Bonus!

    After getting that done, we went back with Nika and Rory.


We walked around quite a lot more, meeting up with another friend, Mike. I got a few pictures of some cosplays that I thought were really cool!

    After a while, we all went back to our hotel room. Rory had brought his Wii U along this time, so we hooked that up and played some Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart! I kicked butt in Mario Kart, lol, I love that game.

    Snacked on some more pocky and these yummy things that I forgot to mention I got > Strawberry cream filled koala bears and strawberry KitKat!yums

    After all that, the 5 of us headed back out and ended up going to do some naughty origami, lmfao. Which didn’t entirely end up being as interesting/funny as we thought it would be, haha. We made a penis (Which really did not even look like one at all) and boobs with bra on. xD In all honesty though, if I had not been sitting beside Mike who actually knew what he was frikkin doing, I would NOT have been able to make them. Nika and Rory ended up giving up halfway through and eventually so did Eric, lmfao. But it was fun nonetheless! It was pretty late after that, so Eric drove us back to our hotel again. Rory ended up staying that night and Eric went home again.

    Sunday morning was pretty much the same routine. We all got up  and got ready. I had called the hotel reception to ask for a later check out time cause we had been up so late the night before… >.>; So they gave us until 1:30pm. We packed our stuff and had it all ready to go and decided to go for breakfast. We found this awesome little Cafe that was literally 5 minutes from our hotel. Got ourselves some bacon and eggs and then Eric came to pick us up. Didn’t have to walk to the Sheraton this time, woot! We put our stuff in his car since he was also nice enough to give us a ride home. 🙂 Again, we went to the dealer’s room to see if there was anything else that any of us wanted to buy. I ended up getting the third part of Pokemon season 1 and then the Orange Island episodes as well. (I’ve made it my goal to collect the whole Pokemon series!) And after that we kinda just hung around and didn’t do much of anything. I was actually really excited to get back home at this point so that I could spend some time with John. I was really missing him a lot, lol. Finally we went to go see the closing ceremony at 6pm and by 7:30pm I was back at home!

⇓ All the stuff I got from Anime North ⇓20150524_211857

    As for all the passport stuff…

    We decided to do our best and not worry too much. All he had to do was send additional information for them to be able to finish processing it. So it wasn’t like he was just NEVER going to get one. We also decided that we would be happier with him coming here, even if it meant we might have to wait just a little bit longer if he can’t make it for June 12. And he also said that he now wants to come for 2 weeks instead of just 1! So I think that is a definite win solution, haha~ Even if it means we might have to wait 3 or 4 more weeks instead of just 2 more weeks. 🙂

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